SETTING YOUR WRISTS CAN HURT YOUR GOLF SWING, Mark Crossfield talks about wrist hinge and how often golfers might think about this movement in a way that hurts the golf swing. Mark then delivers some simple and easy to follow golf tips and drills to help you improve your ideas around wrist hinge in the backswing for improved tee shots with your driver and better iron shots.

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  1. PPS. Lol…. Instead of a sharpie, if you use a “white-board’ felt-tip pen, they are water based and it comes off. Then , the guy who owns the range won’t be quite so annoyed that you’ve drawn on his balls. Lol .

  2. I love this video. I've been golfing for 25 years, since I was a kid, and all the nonsense about lag and wrist angles has made so many bad habits. I'm 6'10" tall so angles and consistency were always challenging but since I started doing exactly what is mentioned in this video a few weeks ago I've become insanely more consistent. Study pros like tiger and Rahm and you see how simple they keep the wrists. Great stuff!

  3. I went from very thick CB too a blade and the blade is nearly 5* weaker so I have lost distance but frequently get a smaller margin of error with the blades

  4. I had a terrible slice with my driver until I found this info from you last summer. And it was as fast as you say. As soon as I started concentrating on the wrist angles I started hitting much straighter shots.

  5. Such a good video. Keep it up brah. Oh and I haven’t gained any distance, I only started 6/7 months a go. I used really cheap balls, and now I use a more pricey ball and it does seem to go further. Although I understand it’s probably me progressing that’s making the difference.

  6. Only been playing a year but I gained with the driver by getting the correct fit, low spinning shaft has given me some good gains

  7. Gained 10 meters with my new driver and gave those meters back 2 months later with a shoulder surgery…..

  8. Learning more and more about wrist angles through watching your content – I’m applying it to my game and I’m hitting better shots – THANKS!!!

  9. Still trying to convince my friends the ball starts where the club face is aiming… They all had lessons when they were kids, I didn't……Pga has a lot to answer for… Lol

  10. I would say very little distance gained but I do think drivers are a little more forgiving across the face , and no gains with other clubs if you compare 10 year old clubs with modern clubs with the same loft , I have gained more distance with better club control, just my thoughts,

  11. Mark (Confucius) Crossfield, your teachings make so much sense. I'm off to draw on my balls. I've gained about 10 meters on my irons, but hang on these clubs are 4 degrees stronger than my old clubs, so my new 7 is going the same distance as my old 6 with the same loft……….I've gained nothin Brah. Looking forward to seeing what the new Titleist wall paper looks like. Have a good break with the family.

  12. holding that angle coming down is just too difficult. and u can't think about creating lag makes the swing too complex. that lesson u had with lockey u wanted him to cast more. watched a thing about tiger when he was 4 and his coach at the time said as a 4 year old tiger taught him more than him teaching tiger. because he knew how to hit a golf ball without actually knowing or understanding what he was doing that freedom of mind is what the swing is all about.

  13. Added 0 yards because of technology. I hit my Callaway X – that's X, not XHot – driver the exact same distance as the GBB Epic. I wasn't surprised, though the salesman was quite taken aback. How come the #Jailbreak tech didn't work?! Haha

  14. I’m using the same clubs I had 10 years ago. Distance has increased over that time but none is due to technology.

  15. Very good video!!!!! Starting to watch ur channel more than anyone elses!!!! Easy to understand and seems to me cuts alot of the bullshit out!!! Plus very entertaining with you and Dan!!!

  16. Only been playing about 3 years but gained 18m carry with a custom fit Epic, could quite easily be the custom fit as I moved from a really old king cobra in regular flex to the new epic with more loft in an X-stiff shaft so hard to say how much the tech gave me over the custom fit, I doubt it's much

  17. Don’t feel that I’ve gained any yardage’s since I was junior over 10 years ago. Irons only go longer due to stronger lofted irons