Setup 4 impact Golf swing different/easier than the Moe Norman swing.

Here I compare my Setup 4 Impact golf swing to Moe Norman’s golf swing, and show you in which ways it is different. I do not swing, or teach the Moe Norman golf swing, as I feel that Setup 4 Impact is far easier for people to learn, and it provides more power and accuracy far quicker. I have seen golfers trying to copy Moe’s swing for the past 20 years, but yet nobody has been able to perfect it. If they had you would see them putting on exhibitions, and winning golf tournaments!!!

Setup 4 Impact is your swing for the future of long accurate golf shots, putting as little stress on your body as possible.

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Here I show an easier way to swing a golf club. It is more efficient then the traditional swing, and provides more accuracy and distance.

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I believe that Moe Norman hit the ball the straightest and purest of any golfer ever. Those who wish to learn to swing exactly like Moe did should visit Graves Golf academy. They are a great bunch of guys, and run some really professional and fun golf schools.

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