SHALL WE LIMIT THE GOLF BALL FOR DISTANCE, Mark Crossfield PGA professional talks more about the idea around the reduced ball for the pros game to try and clear up some of the misconceptions around golf ball and its impact. With golfers hitting longer drives than ever and the golf ball and golf equipment taking most of the blame for this in modern golf, how easy would the reduced ball ideas be for golf as a whole.

Post comments below and share your opinions on this complete idea.

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  1. A ball that goes 300+ yards and straight is a problem mostly for golf officials and historians who don't want low-scoring records broken. My only issue is leader boards are too often filled with relatively unknown player names in part because the ball doesn't curve as much as it did in the wound/balata days.

  2. My balls are unlimited!!! Just do not play with my balls only I can play with my balls. But seriously this is the big thing to take away from this whole argument. It's not the equipment. Yes, I said it it's not about the equipment. Let that set in for a second. Equipment yes has gotten better and yes they have gotten longer tee shots. What's the big thing is two things. One the fairways have gotten faster and firmer that we know. The bigger thing in the game is the players. Yes, the players. Golfers in Jack's day have not the fitness that the modern pro has. The new tour players have fitness coaches and strength workouts along with a diet that they have. The modern tour pro is much much stronger and focused on the purses have gotten higher. The average tour pro is not necessarily looking for distance as much at consistency. The biggest thing they could do are a couple things. One slow down the fairways. Two speed up the greens. Third test the players for doping, yes doping is in golf. You don't think so you live in Lala land. The game of golf is evolving, not so much from equipment but the players have gotten stronger and tuned in the likes the Golden Bear never even imagined. SO GET OFF MY BALLS, their my to play with not yours. P.S everyone needs a flat cap like Disco Dan the flat cap man!!!!!Cheers brah!

  3. Yes a 10% reduction reduces a big hitter’s distance more than a short knocker. (your 300/100:30/10 example)

    But that long hitter is still longer with the same loft into the green as well.

    If the long hitter hits a 50° club 125 that short hitter may only be getting 100. Reduce that 10% as well so now the long hitter hits 50° from 112 and the short hitter can only get it 90 yards. So the advantage is maintained.

    If the ball is rolled back a fixed percentage from where it is now, across the board, the only difference is that players will be farther from the green after their first shot, hitting less lofted clubs for approach shots.

    You did a great video about loft/D-Plane, you understand what that means for approach shots into the green.

    Sounds fine to me.

  4. Hey Mark,

    The ball argument is really stupid to me. I mean, a course needs to be set up to be played. The example you use with the Open is a great one, but even smaller every day courses which may be shorter can still be set up to make players play it a different way to just bombing. For example have more fairway traps at 270 to 300, or make drop off of greens tougher etc. The talk about a ball only going to be able to go so far is just a flat answer which in itself will probably be exploited. Maybe club manufacturers will then just find a way to grove a club or have a head that has the right amount of spin drop off to have the new ball fly further etc. It is all a round and round argument. The only long term solution is to put a premium on accuracy, landing zones and course setup which players then have to manage.

    Further to that I hate the idea of the game being split equipment-wise between professional and amature. The great part of our game is that if tiger wants to play tomorrow with Srixon 355 GI irons he can do that, or I can go buy a set of Titleist MB's and play those. Its the same argument about larger holes for lower grades and smaller hole size for A or 1st grade. The course is the same for everyone. The same as we have different T's for ability, that is the equaliser. We need courses set up to challenge those who are hitting long. We dont need to stuff around with equipment and split the players more than we do.

    Cheers bruh.

  5. The issue is with the tours. I’ve said previously and mark said it here, they chase open courses where long ball hitters can smash it because that’s what people and oems want to see 💰💰💰!

    They don’t want to see a Jim Furyk throwing darts and shoot a 58 without fanfare or a Luke Donald in his reign as number one striking pure irons and managing the course. People want to see DJ and Bubba smash it off the tee. That’s what people want to pay for and the tours want to give it to them. If you want to limit the driving distance, play courses that punish long drives which are errant.

    But rather than address the root issues, it’s easier to blame rules and Golf club manufacturers – which are willing to take the “blame” (read free marketing)because, again, distance sells.

  6. Cant believe no one has mentioned Rory's 436Yd drive on the 13th at the Scottish Open…. Surely that was just the Ball T_T . I would hate to not be able to play the same game as everyone else, even if it (ball changes) is just limited to the tour pro's and then further limited to certain courses. I still think it would take some of the shine off the game for me…

  7. What's the problem? Let these guys play the balls they have. It's not like they are shooting 59s every weekend. And what they have to gap clubs and adjust for conditions with two sets of balls. Just because pros have been hitting the ball 300 yards the past 15 years?

  8. Yes,it is the golf course design.Like some of the back tees are sometimes in someones back garden and driveways.Bags of room.Greenkeepers got a enough to do with cutting the grass and General maintenance.Not put in more bunkers in.And water is scared in some parts of the world.

  9. All a Pro needs to do to win is beat the rest of the field. It doesn’t matter what the final score is. It could be 20 over or 20 under. Who cares. This obsession with referencing par to determine the difficulty of the course is crazy. As someone else has already said, if distance off the tee was all that mattered, then Dustin would win everything. But he doesn’t. Leave it all alone.

  10. Sorry, I've been watching these Ball discussions and have seen some of the twitter conversations, but is this even a thing? Who is talking about making drastic changes? And what is the problem? Is the real problem that the manufactures can't do anything with the Ball or Clubs and need a shake up so they can start "innovating" again?

  11. I don’t think the ball should change I enjoyed billy horschels comment on the mattter and like you said mark someone’s 3 wood will always be someone’s 4 iron but I think a course can adapt to limit the lengthening of the layout and just force players to play to the integrity of the hole by increasing the rough bunker etc

  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, (no time to look for it), but wasn't there a discussion on this channel about how Augusta has got boring because it's just about the greens with fairways being too easy nowadays? Also last year's Ryde Cup was a joke because people were going 20-30 yards off the fairway and still hitting the green in reg- there wasn't enough punishment for wayward shots. That's the problem, as others have mentioned elsewhere, it's the courses being set up with not enough punishment, I do disagree though that people want to see drivers being smashed, seeing that all the time is boring, it's the chip ins from bunkers and rough that really get people excited.
    One extra thing though, it is going to be difficult for the Open because links courses rely on the elements to be challenging, making them too target based will end up making them unplayable in high winds and rain.

  13. I think its totally unrealistic to start changing the balls at Pro level, cant see the Manufacturers getting involved, would be a nightmare, Every player is contracted to different companies ,I think the way to make the game a "More accurate" game is to set up the courses so players are made to hit a lot more risk and reward shotd, tighter fairways, more hazards at 290 ish etc, testing the players ability to hit a lot more accurate shots instead of just blasting the ball and getting away with wayward drives  etc !!

  14. Morning all, im not sure its all about the ball, flight technology has changed with Trackman type data, Pro's are hitting the sweet spot better than ever with optimum launch angles and smash factors…. Maybe the courses are to perfectly manacured adding that extra 50 yard roll? As a TV viewer who wants to watch a 250 yard drive by Dustin at the masters? Not me!

  15. I think changing the ball all the way across the board would be fine… Move to the front tees if you want. Overtime courses would change to fit the ball

  16. Providing club head speed, smash factor and carry distance stay relative it doesn't matter what they do with the ball or courses.
    Consider this scenario. Two players need to hit the ball 250 yards. Player A hits the ball shorter but has a better left to right dispersion relative to loft, Player B is the opposite, hits it further but left to right dispersion is greater relative to loft. Player A needs to use a 3 wood to hit the 250 yard shot and Player B uses a 4 iron. While Player A is more accurate than Player B if they were both using a 3 wood, Player B can take more loft to hit the same distance. Player B's left and right dispersion with a 4 iron is tighter than Player A's left and right dispersion with a 3 wood. Obviously the higher in loft you go the less this is going to make a difference. Distance and accuracy are not mutually exclusive. You can't aim to aid one without aiding the other. Unless of course you shorten the course to the point it's basically a small par 3 course thereby reducing the role loft is playing in accuracy.

  17. I say leave the ball alone . Toughen up the courses I don't got to a golf tournament to see someone hit it 330 meters I want to see skill in all aspects of the game .A long putt is just as entertaining a great chip from a difficult lie remember Tigers Chip at Augusta on 16 , his putt at Sawgrass better than most.

  18. Length is a skill as much as being accurate .Grow the rough in make more risk and reward holes .the best in the world need to be just that .does it matter if 25 under wins ?

  19. Its all about good course design and how tournaments setup each week. Distance has sold clubs and the game over the past 10 years, its been a great marketing piece for the game. People get excited to see the ball hit a mile. I think it would be interesting to change the way we view the sport on tv and have ball tracer on all tee shots, feel we play up the excitement of the long drive because we have to keep the viewer interested because you can't see where the drive is going on tv. This has all played into the misconception that players are hitting it further than before. I know i like to watch your channel because of the ball tracer and seeing lockey hit straight blocks or duck hooks.

  20. Driving distance over last 15 years hasn't changed much
    People love seeing big drives
    Why penalise Rory bubba dj they are not winning every week so why do it