SHE’S A RECORD BREAKER – Stranraer Golf Club – Part One

Thank you VisitScotland for sorting the trip, for more information on Scotland and the courses I played on this trip visit these links. And remember Dumfries and Galloway is only a short ferry away from the 2019 Open Championship in Northern Ireland.

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  1. Now Pete, you may be undefeated but you are an English gentleman. Go easy on Katie…….. (she is so going to kick his arse).

  2. hm … I think now that Katie is over the camera nerves of the first couple of holes, you don't stand a chance 😉 What a player. I am always in awe when a female player hits it off the white tees. If I do that at my course, I am struggling to even reach the fairway.

  3. wow.. I'm so jealous to you Peter. I get only play on very ugly Finnish place which is cheap and easy, the courses you play is mainly soo beautiful and playable! Wish one day ill get to visit UK/Scotland to play! In UK what's your favorite place to play so far? and what courses would you recommended people outside of UK to go play on? Have agreat weekend Peter!! #goTeamFinch

  4. Beautiful course, that rain didn't seem to affect the speed of the greens, thanks for showing us these gems Pete

  5. Such an amazing looking course. Katie doesn't say much but let's her golf do the talking, she really does look a good player and well done to her for getting the course record recently. Thanks Pete for taking the time to come to Scotland and to let us see so many amazing courses. Cheers and keep up the great work.

  6. See you have saved the best till last! Stranraer looks a Braid classic and Katie looks to be a formidable opponent.
    PS Did I really hear you say that English golfers are better than Scottish golfers on the First Tee? What a loss you were to the Diplomatic Service LOL,….me thinks Katie is going to kick your English arse all the way back to Manchester🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤣🤣

  7. My home course is a James Braid course he does that thing with a big bank to the left of the green. A definite 'members bounce'. great vid, really professional and enjoyable.

  8. Loving the added features on the video, the added drone work (positions) and shot commentary is amazing, like a course VLOG and course management tuition video in one.

    Very excited to see more of this