Should You Swing The Golf Club Slower

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Should You Swing The Golf Club Slower with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru. Mark talks golf swing speed and if you should swing the golf club fast or slow. Play your best golf with easy to understand golf tips,drills and instruction with Mark Crossfield’s golf videos.

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  1. Smooth from the top (transition) allows you to build up the club speed through impact.

  2. Any certan reason why u play an iron on the first tee on Mar Menor? I usually go for a 3 wood or driver, (16 year old, 6,9 handicap, swinging at 92-94 with a 7 iron) Just wondering, since i play there a lot. :)

  3. played this course last month and made a beautiful birdie on this hole! the 3rd is tricky I found!

    I am the same, due to my build I cannot take a full backswing, so I try for more control 75% of a swing with accuracy rather than power

  4. Must say mark, the swing you swung there looked really nice ang a good compression on the ball :)

  5. People would probably improve contact and distance if they would swing the handle at a nearly constant speed and let the clubhead swing fast.

  6. "Gorilla and Steve hit further……not much in it…" Depends if you're pacing the yards or not I guess 🙂 hehe

  7. Hi can u do a review on the new speed line from Dunlop I'm really interested in what sort of woods to get and heard these are really good and maybe you should compare this club to one of the bit worse driver like the sldr and ping woods

  8. I like to make my stock swing about 75%. There are times when different swings speeds are needed. Stock swings allow me to use a very controlled 75%. If I was in the wind I may take up a club or more and stay with my 75. If I gotta get the ball up quick and still carry then I may go down one club from stock and swing at 85ish. That is the beauty of it all. What I am referring to is my game and your game. Our decisions play a large role in such simple things. I am one of many from my home course who even seem to realize they even have these options. Of course there are the few who do know but never utilize it and still can't understand why their accuracy is spotty. Not saying we have to do this. To each his own, but is your own working?

  9. I notice my swing gets longer when trying to get a long drive. This modifies my sequence slightly as you talked about. Keeping the swing more compact rather than reaching back is the real difference based on footage I've seen of myself.

  10. It wasnt until I played a few rounds with the inlaws, that I noticed the mother-in-law always won. We the typical males always tried to kill the ball for distance, where she played relaxed and with precision. A lesson well learned from watching her.