Shoulder Move in Golf Swing – Downswing Golf Lesson by Herman Williams

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In this video golf swing lesson, Herman demonstrates the downswing shoulder move in the golf swing to avoid coming over the top in the downswing. This shoulder move will help you avoid spinning out as you drop the arms and club in the slot on the downswing.

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Herman Williams is a PGA Professional Golf Instructor in North Carolina. Contact him at:

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  1. Thanks struggling for years with steep downswing 5 h/c , have video of swing on mobile do you carry out online swing assessments?

  2. this is a great instruction.i am hermanized. i was trying right shoulder only pass under my chin.its also correcting shoulder plane too.awaits your new video!

  3. Not sure about this tip. Sounds like a great way to start dropping the right shoulder and hitting fat shots

  4. Never sodomized only Hermanized!!!  Great video Herman thanks for the time and expertise!!

  5. There is no rotation through the shot with this. You will hit fat with irons and in addition there won't be much power.

  6. Thanks Herman,
    what I find interesting about that right shoulder drop after trying it on the range, is the fact that the left hip automatically bumps towards the target without having to think about it ( A U T O M A T I C A L L Y ).