Simple Drill To Feel and Effortless Swing

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In this tip I show you a really easy drill you can do (even withouth a club) that will allow you to get that effortless feeling in your arms as you swing the club.

So many people are out there just trying to hit the ball as hard as they can with the arms. The best way to learn an effortless swing that will have you playing pain-free golf in to use your body not your arms to hit the ball.

So what does it feel like to not use your arms. Well, at some point in your golf career you have experienced it before. You experienced it when you hit that one ball 30-50 yards longer than any other shot you every hit and it felt effortless. If this one shot you hit felt effortless you could not have been trying to hit the ball as hard as you could with your arms.

This is a very simple golf drill that will get you to know the difference between what you are doing and what feeling you should have in your arms. Make sure you do this drill and remember this feeling. Then apply it to your shots. Imagine your arms feeling like this on all shots. If so, there is no way you would be in pain playing this game.

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