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When you are on the course it’s important to make your practice swings count for every shot. This is key to better golf, more consistent golf shots that are accurate and powerful.

Pretty much every golfer out there makes this simple golf mistake but when you do hit something like a leaf or a twig on your practice swing you do something crucial in your golfing brain to dial in your objective and help your co-ordination to square the clubface correctly. Studies and science has proven how crucial this is and it will make a huge difference to your golf shots intantly. And the great thing is, it’s so simple to do. All that needs to occur is on each practice swing you make, ensure you focus on these 2 things for your best golf. 1) pick your target and ball flight plan and feel what swing you need to do to cr1eate that. 2) Find someting on the ground, a teepeg, leaf, darker blade of grass, whatever really. Now execute both during your practice swing…. Focus and feel the flight and then strike the object. You MUSt hit something and your results will be better on the course immediatly. So try this simple golf tip golf swing is key to power and consistency and the best PGA tour players and LPGA tour players all do it well. And with some simple golf swing drills and understanding of technique, you can too

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  1. Makes sense, but does seem a little conflicting with the concept of swinging to a target and being less focused on hitting at the ball which is much talked about by your friend at Wisdom in Golf. Your thoughts?

  2. I do it to just to loosen the Cobb Webbs, and develop the feel needed, before taking the shot….But, I always brush through the grass toward the target while doing so…..I think it helps me to connect my swing to the earth where the ball actually lies….The resistance of the grass also helps to square the club face through to the target……"Clip the Tee, clip the grass, all the way to the Target".

    I think what I'm saying, is that any practice swing has to have a definate purpose in mind….Good video.