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SIMPLE GOLF SWING IDEAS with PGA professional Mark Crossfield. Mark hels another golfer with his Daily Vlogs looking at golf swings from all around the world. PLay oyur best golf with some simple and easy to follow golf instruction for your driver and iron play. Stop slicing and improve your club path with some easy to follow tips and drills around club path and club delivery.

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  1. What espresso machine do you have? I've been looking at a few models. I am looking to spend between 600-2k USD…

  2. G'Day Mark,…Matchplay….there needs to be more of it…..all Pros make a good pass at the ball during regular play, I think Matchplay is a great test of player ability to handle pressure internally & externally…..All Good Bruh…

  3. Definitely more Matchplay, hopefully they bring it back to Wentworth one day was one of my favourites!

  4. Match play adds an exciting element to the game. The safe play isn't always the best play. I believe there would be a significant increase in viewership if the PGA had more match play events.

  5. you always say you must get custom fit, generally that means you've got to be buying brand new in order to do that….not lots of brand new drivers in that 200 pound bracket though

  6. A lot more match play please. Best format out there. I think more "non" golfers would watch.