Simple Golf Swing | Straight Arm Drill For Compression | How To Hit Draws & Stop Flipping

Simple golf swing. Straight arm drill for compression. How to hit Draws and stop flipping with Alex Fortey and The Art of Simple Golf. Let’s learn from free golf lesson at

This simple golf swing drill teaches most golfers how compression and good ball striking can feel and look. How To Hit Draws AND Stop Flipping This eliminates a lot of golf swing faults having a good consistent move through the ball that allows the combination of technique, golf swing mechanics and natural insticts is the key for good ballstriking , consistent golf shots and more power that you can trust. This feel is key for a lot of golfers. it might just help you play your ideal golf game. The art of simple golf is on a mission to give you simple golf lessons that give the results you want without too much practice, time and strain on your body.

Today’s lesson Alec Fortey Explain about one simple drill and feeling that’s actually going to give you a better compression on the ball and more efficient move for the ball and even give you a way to be able to get more draw on the ball because a lot of times too many of you are creating a bit too much a flip when you’re hitting at it and that’s the body slows down.

We’re losing power, We’re losing consistency because we’re just relying on a bit of hard-eye coordination to even get that ball back.

Now, we obviously still want to enhance that but with this feeling called the straight arm drill what we’re basically exactly.

what it says we’re keeping the arms relatively straight? Does it means absolutely rigid but we’re keeping them firm. So we’re having to turn the body as a whole all the way back and then all the way through it, might be a bit difficult to strike the ball efficiently at first for you when you do this.

You’re so used to just gathering it there but with the straight arms. There’s actually very little cheating allowed and what that will do, it will give you very instant feedback about what you’re doing.

Perhaps, you’re moving a little bit too far ahead of the ball.
Perhaps, you’re waiting too much here but with this feeling to keep everything together and straight.

You’ll be forced to make a nice smooth golf swing that isn’t rushed but that works together in a nice efficient manner. So I’ve only got a 8 iron here and all I’m gonna try and do as I said I’m not trying to keep it dead rigid and solid,
What I’m trying to do is keep that arms firmed and connected.

There we go a little rush because I haven’t done this draw for a little while but that should serve us quite nicely.

I was hiring my finish. There was more extension, there was more commitment without extra force. So give the straight arm drill a try and you should notice an improve.



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  1. Another tip I've seen nowhere else (of course I can't look everywhere). Thanks. What about the wrists, though, what are your thoughts regarding them as you swing? Straight, extra loose, don't care?