Simplest Way To Swing a Golf Club: Basic Turn and Turn No Club Drill | How To Swing a Golf Club

The simplest way to swing a golf club. Turn and turn no club drill. Let’s learn how to swing a golf club and How to improve your golf swing impact with more consistency. Learn more free golf lesson at

In this simple golf swing lesson, Alex Fortey shares a good way to naturally think about the golf swing and just how simple the golf swing is when all you do is Turn and Turn. The goal is to keep everything in sync and work harmoniously together. When you have a golf swing that you don’t have to think about too much, it’s easier for you to concentrate on the target and release the shot you want to hit. The good thing about this golf practice drill is you can do it with no club so you can improve your golf at home, in the office or wait for ina line up at the bank! When you can make golf more simple your ball striking improves and your consistency improves. Please like and subscribe to the channel and visit for more great golf lessons to hit the ball longer, straighter and have more fun on the golf course.


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  1. Sadly, that can be interpreted as an over the top move. It is turn back, down and turn through in all fairness Alex…

  2. Throwing a basketball or medicine ball against a wall in the same fashion as this is a great drill too. 👍 Nice video!

  3. 6 foot long garden stake rotated under the out-stretched arms, while keeping proper posture, rythym, and plane, also works well……You'd be surprised how well it works….Anything to improve the dance moves that lead to great sequencing…..However, good video….Good ideas.

  4. Love your segments on The Art Of Simple Golf. I'm in Australia and really enjoy the tips you are giving and putting them into practice.. Keep up the good work. Most enjoyable. Mike

  5. Your are turning too far back and disconnected you elbows from you hips too early at the striking zone of the club. I like to feel the turning motion of the golf swing but in order to use it correctly I recommend Ben Hogan's turning of the body as he demonstrated on the Ed Sullivan show in 1953. In this video (now on You Tube) he states that elbows are connected to the hips and shows the turning zone of the club which is actually the striking zone of the club where the club accelerate though the ball. He further mentioned you cannot hit a ball that way but must make a full shoulder turn in order to widen the swing. Watch the video which will clarify my words and try it out for yourself. Thanks for reading. At 70 years old I would like to thank you on a previous video in which you recommended pulling the right shoulder back to make a full 90 degree turn of the shoulders. It works perfect for me and in doing this it coils my entire body and gives me the correct weight shift both back and forth.