Single Length Golf Clubs Part 1

This is the first in a series of videos on the process of deciding if the one length or single length golf clubs is worth the effort.

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  1. So you made a set you didn't try the wish on or the cobra clubs? Maybe they are heavier in the longer irons and lighter in short iron haha although all the same lengths it's confusing. Thanks Bobby

  2. Bobby love your videos, I made a mixed set for my self. I made a regular set of Wishon pw,9,8, (mc 560 forged which i had before but they don't make that model anymore) and made the Wishon Sterling in a 7,6,5, to the 8 iron length I wish I could get a 4 but 4 is not on the new Wishon/Diamond golf website yet. But to sum it up I love the 7,6,5 in the 8 length and wish I could get more mc 560 heads to make more sets like mine for others because it is a good match in progression to the Sterlings in the longer clubs. Can't wait for the next video.

  3. Bobby I have been selling and building golf clubs for gosh almost 30 years. I have been selling the Sterling Single Length irons by Tom Wishon. The Armour irons while the idea was good they had a huge problem in the proper gaps between the clubs especially in the longer irons. I can't speak for the Cobra offerings that are at now nor do I know much about some of the other offerings by the component companies. I can say the gaps for the Wishon irons have been well thought out. The 4-7 irons combine two metals and they are legal, but they have a thinner (hotter) face and they are a biy more chunky and the gaps are 4 degrees and as you move to the 8- sand wedge the gaps are 5 degrees and the metal is 8620 Carbon Steel softer and they are not quite as chunky. The weight is 274 grams per head and they can vary by as much as 4 grams so I have to add some powder or hosel weights. Wishon offers hosel weights or if you are old school break out the powder and pack it. The lie angles are 63 degrees and they can be bent 4 degrees in the 8- sand wedge and even though Wishon says you can bend the 4- 7 irons 4 degrees I have never bent the 4-7 irons more than 2 degrees. I don't have to tell you, but for those that might read this rant I think the fitting aspect is even more important because of the lie angle. So for instance you have a lie angle for a sand wedge at 63 degrees so for some 64 is normal and for the 4,5,and 6 irons probably 61 degrees. I probably have sold 12 full sets and about the same on partial sets plus have sold some of the components via the web. Her is the verdict it is basically mixed. Most people 65 per cent like them especially for the feel. I am turning 67 this month and for me I play a mixed set of blades and cavity backs. I can play these, but when I get to the shorter irons I like to see a smaller head. I wish they were a little more compact, but remember you and I grew up playing a much smaller head. In closing if you have a repeatable swing any club will work, but where I think the real benefit is in the Sterling Irons is feel and these clubs will teach you to swing the club on more of what some of the instructors refer to as a single plane swing. So a good choice .for the mid handicapper and beginner One last thing Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I appreciate your humor and good spiirt .