SKLZ Hinge Helper – Golf training aid that promotes wrist hinging for a better golf swing

SKLZ Hinge Helper – Get Your Wrists Right with this innovative training tool The Hinge Helper reinforces better mechanics & promotes the correct wrist hinge that is found in on-plane swings for crisper ball striking. A better golf swing starts with getting your wrists right and SKLZ developed the Hinge Helper as another training tool to lower your score. SKLZ Hinge Helper features: * Encourages proper swing mechanics for crisp ball striking * Promotes correct wrist loading for on-plane swings * Integrated wrist guide and included wrist cuff prevent over-hinging and cupping * Adjustable for all wrist sizes for comfortable use * Adjusts for chipping and full swing shots * Works for left and right handed players

Product Features

  • Reinforces proper swing mechanics for more pure ball striking
  • Promotes the wrist hinging needed for on-plane swings
  • Includes scalloped guide to prevent over-hinging and cupping
  • Adjustable, comfortable and built for full swing or chips by right- and left-handed players
  • Fits any size wrist

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  1. This device is good for getting that flat left wrist at the top, but 1. fits on the grip with a plastic C clip, not one you can tighten, and 2. fits standard size grips best, is too small to align straight with mid-sized and jumbo grip sizes. Regarding 1, the clip twists out of position every swing, less so if you’re on plane. Regarding 2, it doesn’t extend straight up the grip with mid-sizes, so it’s canted to one side, which can’t be the correct plane. It needs an adjustable clamp to fit any…

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