SKLZ Pro Rods Golf Trainer – 3-Rod Alignment Set

3-Rod alignment set.

Product Features

  • Three (3) 48-inch multi-use training rods for golfers of all abilities
  • Each rod features nine (9) rings 3 cm apart for help with ball, club, and stance alignment as well as putting and chipping drills.
  • Rods stake easily into turf for help with body position and swing mechanics such as swing plane, anti-sway, turn, and posture.
  • Fiberglass construction

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  1. Useful golf alignment rods for beginners. What is it?Three 48″, fiberglass, stiff rods (one black, two yellow) with appropriate line markings to help proper alignment during a golf swing.Likes:>About the same length as golf clubs, it’s simple to stick the long plastic tube with the three alignment rods inside any golf bag.>Good for beginners just learning the game: promotes good form and proper mechanics for more accurate golf swings.>Many different drills described in the included booklet including:…

  2. A good buy for any beginner, or those that have suffered hip injuries I used to have a great swing. But then, I was involved in a car accident that messed up my hip. Ever since that accident, I have been overcompensating for my hip and that has messed up my swing quite a bit. I just haven’t been able to get back to what it should be. That was the reason that I chose this item. I wanted to know exactly what I was doing wrong. And, it was ever so helpful. I followed the instructions for proper alignment and I discovered that I was overcompensating for my hip way…