SKLZ Smart Glove – Men’s Left Hand – MM (Medium)

Wrist and Grip Guide. One of the keys to great ball striking is a firm left wrist at impact. The Smart Glove, with removable wrist guide, sets your wrist in the correct position through the swing with a proper release.

Product Features

  • High-quality Cabretta leather glove is a dual-purpose guide to help ensure better ball contact
  • Back of glove includes removeable rigid wrist guide to keep player from casting and groove correct swing mechanics
  • Palm side of glove includes specialized fabric to outline proper grip positioning and superior feel
  • For tee, fairway, and approach shots as well as putting
  • Wrist guide can be removed for using glove for official play

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  1. First, remember that this is a training glove! I have 4 of these gloves, 2 marked as large & 2 marked extra large. ALL of them are too small for my hand {usually a L or ML Titleist or Footjoy fits me perfectly}. The glove does train you to hold a firm wrist throughout the swing.The larger of the 4 is one of the Large which I still had to stretch. While I can get my hand in 3 of them, all are too tight. If you normally wear a M or ML glove, you should order the XL. The company was great about…

  2. If you are in possession of “normal” sized hands and also looking for material thicker than rice paper –DO NOT buy this Glove Hi All, hopefully some helpful advice on this glove ,While the purpose/premise of this glove is fantastic and does exactly what it is supposed to do and at first – It worked great for me , but then poof==the bottom dropped out on it–LITERALLY.50 swings with my club (6 Iron) –YES Only 50,and this thing tore right on the palm seam like a cheap suit.Beware the material on the meaty part of palm (right where the grip rubs, it is…