[Slow HD] CHUN In-Gee Iron with Practice Golf Swing (6)_Deshaked

Stabilized version (shaky source – HTTP://youtu.be/mdN5lw1dXCI)

She won 2013 Korean Women’s Open sponsored by KIA MOTORS
KYJ MBN Ladies Open (Aug 22~25, 2013)

YangPyung TPC golf club, South Korea
Recorded and edited by me (bauerctu@gmail.com or arkist@naver.com)

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  1. What a BEAUTIFUL swing!….Look at her shoulder and hip rotation even with the shorter iron..Gorgeous foot work!…impact position is wonderful….if this girl has a short game then she has REAL worldwide potential!

  2. Look at her hip stalls to let the upper body swinging through the ball; the piece of art and so sexy!