Socks for Christmas 😆Southerness Golf Club – Course Vlog Part One

SCREW YOU GUYS 😆Southerness Golf Club – Course Vlog Part One

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  1. Awesome vid! Thanks for the swing cam info. I’ve been really wondering why/when it’s a good idea to hit a fade or draw besides the fact that the a fade doesn’t roll as much as a draw or needing to get around something in the way. Holding it up against the wind makes total sense

  2. Yes 2.13 sound bite from #JOHNPOTTERFILM. Love the ball flight inlay and the use of differnt camera tech in this vid. Great golf course Vlog Peter Finch.

    Great edit and vid length.

    Top camera work lads.

  3. Lovin' these courses we don't normally get a chance to see. Makes planning a golf trip to Scotland EVEN harder now.

  4. Excellent Course vlog Pete, two graceful golf swings and one Stunning Golf Course and some skilled camera work, what's not to like?!

  5. Course looks awesome and love the new editing style. Looking forward to the next two parts. Great work Pete.

  6. The new format is top class Pete. Like the swing breakdown video to. Good to see what you are thinking when playing different shots.

  7. Mr. Finch I am a 16 handicap and have 2 holes in one but, I am nowhere the skill level you poses. I would love to have your swing!

  8. These are not course Vlogs more effort needed in to these types of videos I think. all very rushed id like to see the old style of vlog actual seeing all shots