Sophie Walker Golf Swing

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Sophie Walker Golf Swing analysed by Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru and PGA professional. What can you learn from the European Ladies Tour Player and apply to your own golf swing thoughts and ideas. Changing your golf swing needs to have purpose and focus on delivery and how it might affect impact. Try not to get confused with simple ideas and pretty pictures that have no affect on your actual scores or ball flight. Golf lessons for all golfers delivered in a simple and honest format.

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  1. Great analysis Mark, insightful. Debunking and challenging conventional thinking as always. She's a little of a female Mark with her driving accuracy and long flowing swing, hitting within herself. Lot to learn from her, rather than trying to bomb it 300 into the woods and being useless through the bag

  2. Small poll: who has dropped his 4 iron and what club do you use to replace it? Thank you for your time!

  3. Mark, what do i do when i feel youtube has ruined my game? watched too many vlogs etc and tried various things but then i forgot my basic strengths.

  4. It's almost like there is more than one golf swing. That shoulder/hip turn though…Used to have a bring big turn in my younger years. One of my swing thoughts is 3/4 turn, to keep me from getting too long and loopy in my swing.

  5. To swing Like a girl is really not a bad thing :0) no more trips in the deep forest , only fairway hits 🙂 Nice video thanks c")

  6. we love walks! A good golfer to watch! we need her back in more vlogs! Andy Sullivan and walks vs the Muppets!!

  7. Consistently in or near the fairway. I would love to say that about myself. I'm hardly ever in the fairway. Hope to see Sophie in a vlog soon. Mark, have you ever analyzed your swing? I'm sure you have but I must have missed the vlog.

  8. i think sophie is such an informative player to watch because so many hackers try to whack the ball 350 yards off the tee and bend it round trees like a banana…when, like her, you can hit 8/10 fairways, 8/10 GIR and 2 putt 9 times out of 10 or maybe even 19 out of 20 then you can grip it and rip it…until then you don't have the basic foundations of a good golf game, so build those first