Spotless Swing® Premium Multi-Use Golf Towel

A must have for golfers, Spotless Swing is the only golf towel that helps golfers keep themselves, their clubs, and club grooves clean. The exterior is designed for you to clean your hands, face, golf glove and grips. Spotless Swing contains a unique, large, separate inner compartment into which you can insert clubs and wipe them off. In addition to cleaning clubs, the towel contains a proprietary MicroBrush fabric to effortlessly clean your clubs’ grooves. The inner portion also contains a durable microfiber fabric which absorbs over 600% of its weight, and is washer/dryer safe. Spotless Swing hides dirt and remains dry even after repeated use to help preserve and protect your clubs. An easy-open flap makes the inner compartment easily accessible. Spotless Swing hangs right-side-up when your golf bag is on a cart, with the club-cleaning opening facing down. The towel hangs upside-down on your bag when you’re walking, so the opening faces up, making it easy for you to clean your clubs while making your way around the course or at the driving range. Clean clubs allow for better ball striking; increasing distance, accuracy and backspin. Golf with Spotless Swing and you will be prepared for every shot, 1st hole to the 18th!

Product Features

  • Spotless Swing is three golf towels in one
  • 1. Outside keeps your hands, face, golf glove and grips clean and dry
  • 2. Inside traps debris from dirty, muddy and wet clubs
  • 3. Revolutionary Microbrush fabric cleans club grooves effortlessly preparing the club for its next shot
  • Golfing with clean clubs provides optimal performance by increasing distance, accuracy and backspin; ultimately resulting in lower scores

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  1. Best golf towel I’ve used I’ve been playing golf for the better part of 30+ years, and I’ve used many towels. I was on the verge of getting a Players Towel (the one used on the pro tours which is probably similar in construction to the Club Glove towel which I also haven’t tried yet) when I came across this towel a couple of years ago. Now, two years later, and I am still so satisfied that, not only did I not buy the Players Towel, but I bought another of these towels.Two things separate this towel from…

  2. Works great I mainly use towel for cleaning clubs and works really well. Personally I feel uncomfortable using it to wipe my hands as well as when the clubs are dry I use the outside to wipe them. I use the inside when it is muddy or really dirty. The only problem is me, I forget to get the inside of the towel wet 50% of the time. If there is one negative it is the carabiner is kind of weak. It stays on the bag but the I have to make sure I put it upside down so it doesn’t fall off. I could easily…

  3. Really works If you can’t tell from the pictures, this towel is more like a bag, not the traditional flat piece of cloth you might be familiar with. The inside of the towel (bag) has an area with what I would compare to the “teeth” side of a velcro fastener, although these are larger than on typical velcro. As you insert and wipe the club, if you make sure the toothed part of the towel is applied to the face of the club, the teeth do a great job of getting into the grooves and getting the gunk…