Stability Shaft: A Look at a Golf Equipment Breakthrough

The Droppin’ Bombs tee featured in the video is a Weekend Warrior Golf design. Check out their graphic apparel at:

The Caddy Shack themed socks are Stance (

The innovation game seems to have bypassed plain Jane steel putter shafts for years while every other piece of club anatomy went through as many tune-ups as the Star Wars franchise.

As putter heads have gotten bigger and heavier, putter shaft technology stagnated and didn’t evolve with the rest of the club.

The stability shaft is designed to minimize vibrations on contact or “impact wobble” something pretty much every amateur has experienced while playing a round. Watch the vid for the full scoop!

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  1. Reminds me of the putter in caddieshack with the laser sight true sight thing lol buy that for a dollar 😉