Start Your Downswing Correctly – Simple Golf Swing Drill

This golf swing tip & drill will help you start your golf downswing in the correct way. Creating the right sequence of movements to start the golf downswing is key to hitting better shots.

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  1. My whole swing is a mess. But my downswing definitely has some hiccups in it. Thanks for the great vid

  2. Your golf swing has a beautiful rhythm to it. Your throwing motion…not so much. But the concert is great.

  3. Stick with golf, it is obvious that your not a experienced baseball player. In the US almost all kids grow up playing baseball. Hogan's brother was very good baseball player, that's why he makes a reference to the right arm action in the downswing. The move is more of side arm to underhand motion. Bob Toski, a great US instructor explains the reason of the side to underhand motion.

  4. Just what I needed! I’ve been having lessons and had this explained but great to see it in action. Thanks

  5. Golf is the most Over coached sport on the planet, but I still watch too many videos with 400 back swing thoughts😂😂