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Ok, so you are standing over the ball and you are frozen; you just can’t bring yourself to pull the trigger because you are so still! So you start thinking about what body part to move first; hands? Hips? Knees? Actually, it is none of the above! Listen to this video to understand how not to get into this predicament in the first place and see what the greatest players in the history of this game, thanks to Brandel Chamblee, did to stay in movement and not get stuck!

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  1. Shawn, I have been watching your videos for about 5 or 6 weeks now and I normally don't comment on YouTube, but I have to say these videos are absolutely brilliant, at last a teacher who can teach technique without the watcher having to remember how far away his elbow should be away from his torso whilst trying to make sure his left thumb is pointing to his earlobe – you get my drift. I am a 12 Handicap and I am playing much better (and much easier) Golf now than ever before. Thank you very much and all the best from the United Kingdom.

  2. Hi Shawn, thanks for another great video. The idea of slicing bamboo shoots with a sword is a whole new feel I want to try when I go to the range next time. I really enjoy your examples, they always help me adjust my mindset on 'things I should be doing'.
    By the way, Dr.Wolf was one of my professors at UNLV, she always talks about how much she loves golf. Hopefully, we get to see her in your video in the future.

  3. There is no god. It is however a gift of evolution and our species' adaptation to gravity. Great lesson