STICKMAN Golf Swing: Simplified Swing for Lower Scores – Easier on the Body – Less Practice to Maintain

I was participating in a scramble golf tournament in early spring 2016. It was the long driving hole – a par 5. I was one of the longer drivers in the group and I really wanted to bust one out there. I was feeling rickety that day (you know when your muscles are tight and you feel like your joints are kind of fused together). So I did what felt comfortable to me; I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was the beta version of the STICKMAN Golf Swing. I pured it dead straight and long.
Searching for a reliable golf swing is like trying to find the holy grail. It’s a pipe dream. I was searching for 30 years. I was endlessly tinkering, watching youtube videos, seeking out tips from gurus and touring pros.
Discovering the early version of the STICKMAN Golf Swing was like many beautiful discoveries. It was serendipitous.
The STICKMAN Golf Swing was fully realized by me (a single digit handicap golfer) by the fall of 2016. Before STICKMAN, I was a student of the golf swing idea that you force yourself to primarily work a ball left or work a ball right. The idea was that if you know your tendency when you tee off, you can aim down the edge of the fairway and have the full width of the fairway at your disposal.
I was a right-handed natural drawer of the ball, but when I got nervous or tried to take a big rip, I’d often block or slice the shot. And if you are aiming down the right side of the fairway expecting a draw, this can be nerve wracking. So I learned how to reliably fade the ball. I found that if I was nervous or took a big swipe, I might get an exaggerated slice, but at least I was aiming along the left edge of the fairway.
Sadly, over the decades, I just reinforced a slice swing that became shorter and shorter in distance and I never knew when it was going to be a gentle fade or a banana ball.
So, from that moment – that “swing” – during the scramble tournament, I made it my mission to search for the golf swing holy grail with unequaled passion and fury. Pounding out balls at the driving range: playing round after round of golf (much to the chagrin of my wife and children who not surprisingly did not share this passion).
I found the “swing”. I honed the “swing”. It’s straight: it’s long: it’s repeatable; it’s kinder to the’s amazing. I took copious notes. I wrote this book. I’m so excited to share it with you. Especially if you are frustrated with your golf swing and are thinking about giving up golf altogether!
A couple of caveats before you buy my book (in the spirit of full transparency):
One, I have never taught this swing to anyone. Although as an engineer and executive, I have taught a lot of things to a lot of people – just saying. Two, I am not a golf instructor. Just a golf nut who pays attention to patterns.
But, to that end, I have recruited 3 frustrated golfers to teach them the STICKMAN golf swing over an 8 week stretch this spring/summer and I have enrolled this spring to become a certified golf instructor through the Canadian Golf Teachers Federation. I certainly hope to amend this introduction later this summer with some impressive letters after my name and glowing testimonials.

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