STOP BELIEVING these 5 FACTS about the golf swing to get better at golf

This video discusses how 5 facts about the golf swing people often believe and try to introduce into their game but is actually doing more harm than help.

So if your keen to improve your golf then watch this video to help get some consistency into your game of golf and stop worrying about the cliches that done make a difference.

Every golfer is keen to find a simple golf swing, with effortless power, perfectly on plane with an lovely shallowing of the golf club in the downswing tremendous club head speed and hitting the golf ball over 300 yards. This video will explain 5 myths about the golf swing and if you believe any of these then none of the above will come to fruition.

To summarise the video, you don’t need the perfect golf grip, you need a good golf posture and spine angle to rotate around but aside from that done stress too much about exactly how to stand to the golf ball.

Keep your head still, keep your eye on the ball, DON’T move your head is rubbish, this doesn’t help you in anyway but create flexion of the spine stops your hip rotation and hinders your ability to progress with your golf swing.

Stop swing too fats, rubbish again. There is a lot to be said about learning things slowly for deliberate practice and maybe when your working on specific fast paced movements you can rehearse these slowly, however I get better results with beginner, mid to high handicapper golfers when I ask them to simply hit the golf ball harder, see this triggers better than rotation and movement when you don’t try to swing slowly.

You don’t see Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, Jordan Speith swinging slowly. There is a golf sequence to help coordinate consistency in your golf swing but the way you do this is not by simply swinging slowly.

The final point is trying to hit the golf ball straight, yes you want the golf ball to go straight but your main focus should be to get consistent contact first so you can control the low point of your golf swing meaning you have the ability to hit the golf ball then the turf, then you can work on controlling your club face in your golf swing and shaft angle of the golf club so you have the best chance of hitting straight golf shots every time.

The way we hit the golf ball straight, we swing the golf club around our bodies as golf is a side on sport this means the club head works on an arc so hit the the golf ball straight we would need to swing the club in side the target line on the backswing and the downswing this would mean the club head has travelled on the correct club path therefore leading to straighter golf shots.

So if you’ve had golf lessons and been taught one of these movements then I would be careful how much this is actually helping your game.

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