Stop Coming Over the Top – The Golf Fix | Golf Channel

Michael Breed demonstrates three drills to stop your swing from coming over the top. Watch more tips from The Golf Fix here:

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  1. Michael Breed needs to cut down on the caffeine.
    But, this is a very good video nonetheless. My coming over the top was caused by rotating my shoulders too soon on the downswing. I would shift my weight, turn my shoulders, and then start my downswing. Bad, very bad. The part where he said to keep my back to the target as long as possible, I believe, will fix my swing. Can't wait to try it.

  2. I believe that golf instruction is primarily for bad golfers. For good golfers (people who can control ball flight, know exactly what they need to do to achieve this) mostly it is talent combined with lots of hard work, and they don't need all this 'coming over the top' garbage, but in my opinion, neither do the bad golfers. I think for most amateur golfer they need to focus on IMPACT. From there, the rest of the swing will need to compensate to get there. People focus on everything else thinking that it will lead to a positive impact situation, but I believe this is contrary to success. Just look at the variation in professional golfers swings, what matters is they control impact to influence the ball how they want. They would all have relatively the same swing if half of popular golf instruction was correct.

  3. he was really annoying with his yelling at the camera. just slow down and quiet down I got a headache lol

  4. Too much info, all you have to do is, on the back swing, point the butt-end of the handle at the ball and bring the same butt end back at the ball and swing through, and you will never go over the top by doing that.

  5. Please help. My right hand always turns the club face over. No matter how inside I swing the club, by right hand turns over and the ball goes left. I believe it comes from "the feeling" I'm trying to achieve at impact. Help. kg

  6. Aaaahhh i get it finally! All you need to do is put a little bend in your noodle. Oh and perhaps this guy should consider decaf, he managed to give me a headache in just 3 1/2 minutes.

  7. this is how men talk to each other out on the sports field or the battlefield; one voice that they use at all times whether under heavy fire or not; it's something bugs me about jocks but it makes women wet for some reason

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