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STOP DUFFING FATTING AND CHUNKING YOUR GOLF SHOTS, Mark Crossfield talks hitting fat golf shots today with some simple and easy to follow golf tips, drills and instruction. Learn how to control low point and strike the golf ball better for longer golf shots. Golf lesson videos and instruction have never been so easy to follow and now is the time for you to improve your golf swing.

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  1. Like the lesson here. This will help a bit for sure. Keeping my lead arm at the same angle of my shoulders helped me too with the toe part, i think. Keep em coming Mark, Im learning anyway.

  2. I will drop a few bucks but I want a Crossfield Head Ball !!!!!! Mark…..they wont let me donate. Im in the United States. Sorry Man. If you can fix it I will donate. I cant get it to accept

  3. best instructional vid you've made,i have problem with low point as I'm shifting my weight right,with this drill my weight stays left…golf is so confusing…do i shift weight or not?
    thanks Mark

  4. Thank you Mark, I have a similar issue. I also do some thing like you stated you do. I hit the Driver very long and quite solid on a slight upswing, however I struggle with consistent iron strikes. I have never seen or heard an instructor describe the turn like you did in this Vid. I will certainly try the shadow move to check my movement.

  5. Great idea with the Captain’s charity website. My wife is a nurse in a hospice and works with children’s bereavement services. Donated. Turning off and away from the ball is also my problem. Short wedges tugged left. Driver works well but must have had around 10 mat/deep shots at weekend. Going to do the last drill from now till I play next. Thanks for the tips #spicylentilmysoup. Btw. The soup lid looks like a “twist face” 😂

  6. Really disagree with what you said about standing up on the backswing then replacing bend with side bend. That gives completely the wrong idea in my opinion. Standing up refers to decreasing the spine angle which is not what happens in a good golf swing. You seem to present the idea that the shoulder moving up and back is standing up when in fact it's a result of rotating the rib cage around the spine and some degree of scapular elevation/retraction. What you demonstrate whilst bending down and moving your head off the ball is not rotation around the top of the spine…it's moving your head lol

  7. Had a lesson a month ago where the instructor told me i need to have that bend in to get me behind the ball instead of pivoting over my lead foot. Showed me a clip of Ricky Fowler doing it as well. Got me hitting some nice shots after initially hitting heavy shots. …………Im confused Bruh

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