STOP FATTING AND THINNING GOLF SHOTS with golf professional Mark Crossfield. Mark talks low point and strikes with todays daily golf vlog. Learn how to control your strike with MArk’s simple and easy to follow golf tips and instruction for all golfers. If you struggle with fat golf shots, chunking the ground and duffing shot this video might help your ideas around your golf swing. If you struggle with thin shots with your iron play often if is similar issues which Mark address in this golf teaching video.

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  1. golf tips are about giving u guidance rather than make u better. Just having some idea in what u should be doing just helps rather than not having a clue. but if u have some natural talent for the game then hopefully u can improve with perceiviance and time

  2. Great vlog Mark! Definitely hear what you’re saying about students often thinking that feeling more up with their front side will bring the club higher off the ground when in fact it’s the opposite!

  3. I do love watching Dan hit balls and am getting so much out of watching him play. Mark and Coach are really fun to watch as they just go at everything 100% to get that YouTube gold going but Dan plays good medal golf as he seems to really make an effort with taking away the wild shots that can be really painful. As a golfer that has got back into competitive golf in the last couple of years I can really relate to having a solid stock drive that keeps your score ticking over as it's a skill in itself to marry your swing to the situation that you're in.

  4. I have trouble taking divots although I can still strike the middle of the iron, some of my shots are on the clean side. Would this be a low point problem?

  5. Mark you’ve already made great videos in the past on correcting these same issues. Why can’t these people scroll through your past videos ? Do you feel like your banging your head against a brick wall repeating yourself a lot with this people ? It feels Golf Digest repetitive sometimes bruh haha.

  6. Spoiler alert……………………………… I thought the start was great until Leia superman flew back to the ship from space……😟

  7. Movie was great in my opinion. Fresh ideas, and a new direction for the franchise. Some people may not like it just because of the many theories that didn't pan out in the end. Opens the door for exciting story telling. I struggle with thins as well! Cheers brah. From the States in Kansas City!

  8. You should go visit Luke Skywalker's Island aka Skellig Michael next year in Ireland – plenty of good golf links courses nearby. Tiger used to always practice at Waterville before the open.