Stop Flicking The Club At Impact! Awesome Drill – Swing Quest Series

Stop Flicking The Club At Impact! Awesome Drill – Swing Quest Series

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I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.

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  1. I've been using this drill myself and I call it the rib cracker. It's a great drill.

  2. This is a handy drill as it's a fault I have but only with the longer irons for some reason.

  3. Two thumbs up Pete, probably a drill I need the most, the anti-flick and improved body rotation. Along with this, getting the pressure moving to the target side and not leaning back should produce solid strikes. Great tutorial, short and to the point.

  4. I see what you mean about rotation and lag but I feel like I get good contact if I flick the club face on shorter irons. Is that just a bad habit?

  5. Ah always love a new instructional series! Thx for the great drill Pete! I’m glad the Swing Quest vote won out but I do also like what some other commenters have done & will throw a #FinchesFixes on here. Great job. Looking fwd to more!

  6. I haven’t used the stick method, but with my first lesson with my local PGA pro, he was getting me to simply do 1/2 swings so i could my body to rotate. Works a treat. Don’t worry about the distance, just the body to turn. This has helped heaps.
    BTW liking the new slick titles. What happened to Finch’s Fixes from insta?

  7. Hi Peter. Long time watcher, and love your vids. I've been working on connection and body rotation as well as staying more on top of the ball. If I lean back at all ice noticed that my ball flight is left of left. And just like your student I used to scoop at impact. I've been keeping a flater right wrist through impact and the results are very nice. My main swing thought is connection. Should I be focused on one of the other factors? Great video as always.

  8. I finally figured out whats happening when I get tired and start to miss. When I cup the wrist in transition, it causes me to dip my shoulder, yesterday I was working on a self prescribed drill, forcing my lead shoulder to feel like it stays lower than my back shoulder, and down through the swing, almost like it were on an escalator. I notices that this was a very unusual feeling for me, what I've got to do is focus on training my brain to have a new feeling down through impact and into a slightly more balanced finish position.

  9. Great Tip to use the alignment rods.
    If I remember correctly, I saw a tour pro always have that
    what I call a kind of
    " Hold off " look about his swing.
    I figured it was to keep from breaking his wrist and like you said Flicking at the ball.
    A Dear friend of mine that died 5 years ago was very good friends with Sam Snead, ( Actually , Mr. Snead got him his first job as Head Golf Pro at The Greenbrier )
    His Name was Jack Bell, He played in 4
    U.S Opens and some other tournaments when he decided to teach and Manage rather than try and make a Living as a Tour Pro.
    Both he and Mr. Snead saw each other very often every year and as Mr. Bell coached the VCU Golf team it became a tradition every year to take the team up in the Mountains to spend the Day with Mr. Snead before the Season began.
    I wish I could tell you I had the opportunity to have met Mr. Snead but I did not.
    However, I was blessed because a lot of the knowledge that Mr. Bell gave me he got Straight from Mr. Sneads mouth.
    1 piece I always try to follow is, Unless you are around the green or you are forced to manipulate a shot, You should swing each iron in your bag the same speed, Now obviously longer irons will go faster but how you swing the club should Never change.
    He said many golfers seem to think they need to put a little something extra behind the 9 iron to get it there and when they do, They swing harder but not faster and more times than not they also end up in trouble. Instead back down to the 8 iron with the normal swing .
    Same swing on every iron, No more, No Less.
    And always remember, On Score cards they don't draw Pictures or ask for descriptions only a number.
    I'm not sure why I even typed all of this.
    Maybe you remind me of Mr. Bell in some way.
    Of Course your not in your upper 80's and are still alive.
    Well if Jesus doesn't come back first I hope and pray you live at least that long.
    Thanks for ALL the great videos.
    Some I know and more importantly You remind me that I had forgotten about certain things and you teach me as well .
    Will be playing in My 2 day Best Ball tourney this coming Friday and Saturday.
    Got to get more practice in.
    Was struggling a little the other day but finished the last 4 holes at 1 under and should have been 3 under.
    Again Thanks.

  10. Content is spot on and much appreciated, Pete. One suggestion is to simplify the text pop-ups – all of the sudden there are six text pop-ups aligned every which way and I didn't know which to read first and I had trouble reading it when it is turned 90 degrees. It is such a professional presentation, but this might make it more user-friendly. Thanks again for the teaching videos; it really supplements the vlogs nicely. Cheers!

  11. I love this drill for pitching. Glad to see some instructional videos Pete, always been my favourites.

  12. Love this drill, it’s actually what I have been using as well since I stop my body rotation at impact and flip as well. My golf professional calls it the punisher because of the painful impact if you flick at it. Great video @peterfinchgolf

  13. Thanks for the video, Pete. I've had the same problem for a while and couldn't find a drill that really worked for me. Can't wait to try this drill out

  14. Another very useful lesson…Thanks, Pete. Will be working on this drill as soon as I am physically able to swing a club again…

  15. Love the tip Pete! Does this cause a more forward press of the hands that would cause the club to deloft? I get that thought stuck in my head and flick through the shot

  16. This isn’t something I do but I really liked the format. Keep up the good work Pete, thank you 😊

  17. great drill, I have a rotation issue more than anything else, and like the drill for that , looking forward to the series

  18. My instructor used this same drill for me to keep me from flicking my wrists. It helped a lot. I still have a flick but it's much later in the swing.