STOP REWARDING YOUR OUT TO IN GOLF SWING Mark Crossfield golf professional talks about the out to in golf swing and how some simple golf tips can fix this common issue. If you struggle from this golf swing fault watch and let us know if the simple golf drills and golf tips in the video help you gain control of your sliced golf shots. Dont suffer from sliced drives and tee shots any longer.

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  1. Slightly off topic here Mark… went for a wedge fitting today… "no TaylorMade please, I don't want to pay their marketing budget"… and the pro chuckled "you're not the first person to say that".
    They really wind me up!

  2. Well done Mark …..Great Video…like your thoughts on the use of casting as a term..I struggle to with wrist angles…I put lots of twist in on my takeaway which I now understand and think I may have nailed it ….need to get it on the course and try it out….

  3. Wow . Looking at that total I feel very proud of you Mark, me for parting with cash and all those other givers cos we are all winners for supporting this, thank you mark, keep up the good work and we'll done , bet your dad is proud too ☺

  4. Isn't the move you showed in the kitchen with the wrists and getting under the plane used by Coach Lockey in the Andalucia Matches? So he is also struggling with out to in?

  5. Mark…I flatten my wrist with all of my clubs but with wedges it is harder. I feel like im cupping a tiny bit with wedges. Is minor cupping wrong with wedges ?

  6. just jam your right elbow into the front of your right hip. The left arm does nothing.
    There's no way the club can get stuck behind you because you have literally locked the club in front of you.

  7. Couldn't have done it without you Mark in the same way without us none of this would be possible. It's been one long journey maybe you read my Instagram DM but I think I speak for everyone that whilst we may hold varying opinions, understandings and attitudes about how we see, interact and enjoy golf one thing we're part of is our golfing family and community which we've all created with you to make an environment pretty damn special over the 10 years of your work.

    Thank you for it all and to everyone else, enjoy 2018 happy golfing. 🙂

  8. Great tips Mark!! Ive been cutting/fading/slicing the ball for a long time now and started practising these tips and seen some great results. Great job raising money for the childrens hospice as well. Keep up the great work and awesome channel!!

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