Stop Rushing the Downswing Trick

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Do you feel like you need to crush the ball to get a decent hit? Are you hitting with force and not getting anywhere? How would you like to have control of your downswing? Maybe you’re rushing in the down swing and sacrificing contact. How do we get a nice smooth swing and keep all the distance? Slow down your swing, gain more control, and keep that distance we’re all looking for! In this stop rushing the downswing trick video we cover some tips to effectively gain more control and be more consistent as you transfer through different parts of the swing. Let’s get started!

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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  1. Is the shallowing of the shaft and the left wrist bowing automatic or do I have to think about them all the time?

  2. Excellent lesson and best visual I have found demonstrating a complete turn, and using the turn and not the arms to take the club back.

  3. Thanks Clay. I understand "shallowing" the club but I cannot seem to do it no matter how hard I try, especially without flattening my shoulder plane. Can you elaborate on HOW to actually go about shallowing the club please?

  4. Hi Clay. Do you have a video or making sure your downswing is in sync?
    Ive seen a lot of videos that suggest to unwind with the lower body quickly but would that not result in a stuck club?
    How do you fire with the lower body but ensure you dont get stuck?

  5. Love this simple explaination. Brilliant!!…Exactly why and when I start to hurry my downswing and lose my Tempo, Rhythm, and Timing. I usually come right over the top as a result…Thanks!

  6. Aside from the great instruction, I really love that Mr Ballard wastes little time in getting to the point in his videos. So often, instructors spend too much time describing the problem and selling themselves before getting to the point.