Stop swaying in the golf swing. In this weeks Swing Analysis Piers and Andy analyse of of their professional students and show you some key things that have helped him develop his golf.

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  1. It's a cold (5C) in Pitt Meadows B.C. this morning.Clear blue sky.A beautiful day to remember a solem occasion.That said I love your videos and they have actually helped my game.Keep up the good work.

  2. you could put a bit of masking tape down the mirror in line with your reflection to check any movement.

  3. Can you give me some indoor (home) exercises to strengthen my core?? Great video again this has helped me loads been doing it for almost a year now. My contact has improved 100%..

  4. Another great video, but what is the secret to keeping a solid base. What should you focus on to reduce hip rotation?

  5. This is one of the things I've been trying to work on at the range recently. Stable, solid base and more shoulder turn without everything else moving as well. Significant improvement in ball striking as a result, although it didn't do me any good on the course at the weekend (although that was me not applying what I'd worked on properly!!).

  6. I love this video! You guys have literally fixed a lot of my problems! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge! Huge fan and supporter! Do you guys have swag I can buy? Like a hat or something? Possible to get an autographed one ;-)

  7. You guys are the best. Love your guys way of explaining all the components of the swing. I reverse pivot and its tough to change! I also have lower back trouble which doesn't help……

  8. I don't sway my hips, so they turn really well. When I am practicing in front of a mirror my head moves back out of position. Does anybody got any suggestion.

  9. Another great video and lesson. My biggest problem is a sway (unfortunately alternating between upper and lower body sway), so these type of videos are terrific and help with mirror work too. When I can do it correctly my game improves dramatically. Too bad I can't always maintain the correct swing, but I'm trying. Thanks again.

  10. Getting this move correct is so, SO important in the swing. I had a tendency to sway and reverse pivot and I didn't even really know it. If you get this right though, your downswing is so much more fluid and natural and you will hit much better shots. Looking back on it, when I was reverse pivoting and not getting my head behind the ball correctly I never really had a chance for a good shot because the club simply had no room to swing through.

  11. I've heard this advice before but the two of you together present it very well and more effectively. You complement each other. Also it took me two thirds of the video to realize your shirts and pants also complement each other. Charming.