STOP YOUR CHICKEN WING IN THE GOLF SWING Mark Crossfield talks chicken wing golf swing. How to fix this issue and if it’s really an issue at all. Can you improve your golf swing with simple and easy for follow golf tips and golf instruction. Make sure your golf swing improves at the rate you want with good info for all golfers who want to understand their golf swings and improve their tee shots and iron play.

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  1. Love these swing fix vids. It's like the national lottery "you gotta be in it to win it"

  2. Every action has a equal and opposite reaction. Take out what you put in or put in what you take out.

  3. good one mark looks like an easy fix maybe with a lot work . would the David leadbetter strap work .

  4. Had a lesson yesterday as I decided the series of lessons would help more than another club I don't need. BIG chicken wing problem as it was the RIGHT trail hand that was in an extremely weak position, while my lead hand was just fine. New grip with my trail hand in a neutral position feels funny, especially with longer clubs, and toe-shanked two hybrid shots into the lake. . Probaly gonna take a while, so it's good I'm using Wilson Zips, and the balls I found during last season. πŸ˜”

  5. Hi Mark, have you had an experience of players with limited movement in the left arm? I broke my arm in my teens (skateboarding like an idiot) and now cannot fully straighten my left arm. It doesn’t impact on my daily life but have often wondered about it affecting my swing. Would be great to get your thoughts on this. Love the vids BTW. Lockeyarmy!!

  6. Unbelievably good editing, giving a unique players perspective. Problem solving is never one simple fix, always a chain of events and this video illustrates that beautifully. 10/10.

  7. In the past few months I realised the grip and keeping both elbows closer to body really helps. Irons much better but still working on driver. Basically driver is hot ot not keeping hands close to body for that helps but chicken wing on that seems harder to stop

  8. I agree with your analysis of the grip… but I disagree with arm rotation and "release". In my opinion- his "handle-dragging" from the top causes a bad timing of rotation of the body and his club. Which then causes the breaking down of the arms, because his right shoulder is too far behind. Would love to hear your take on my thoughts Mark! Cheers / Matt P.S (Still a great video)

  9. The elbow joint has: extension and flexion. It also has supination and pronation. "Bent" is what exactly? The professionals in your sport have been using these words for years to clearly define the biometrics of the golf swing. You sure you want to go here? I would stick to hitting drivers on Trackman if I were you. Leave this type of analysis to the 3d data professionals.

  10. Appreciate the second half where you’re showing what you previously explained. I’m having issues with an out to in downswing path that I’ve been fixing with grip then wrist angles. Always appreciate your videos sir.

  11. Thanks Mark!! The key phrase was β€œit’s a product of”. I’m working on my sequencing so it goes away opposed to trying to get rid of it by itself. Thanks for the validation

  12. Man, that POV camera angle is brilliant for showing the β€œideal” grip. I guess I have taken it to the extreme with the strong grip after hearing how to fix my initially weak grip when I first started.

  13. I love you Mark Crossfield. Not in a creepy wrong way but rather just internet love between 2 men. Great video

  14. Great video Mr Crossfield,
    This illustrates the confusion in golf, the prescibed fix here is getting a feeling of letting club over take his hands more. That fix can be and has at other times been described as a fault. Thats why I use these videos by you and others as guidelines. Great info to be manipulated (adjusted) into something that works for your swing.

  15. Great tips this is something I have been working on to fix in my swing. But I have a question when you turn your left hand to show 2 or 3 knuckles will this promote a draw ball flight? It like you said this gives me the feeling I'm turning over to much at impact.