Stop Your Chicken Wing In The Golf Swing

Stop your chicken wing in the golf swing. Piers Ward and Andy Proudman show you a drill to help your lead arm through impact.

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  1. Do you have any videos coming up on driving the golf ball? I have serious issues with hitting a very low drive that can ofen go left or right. Thanks hipe you can help!

  2. Hi, Thanks for the great video. My problem is a chicken wing with the trailing arm (i.e. my right arm becomes disconnected. I have tried headcover drill but to no avail. I have also tried to shorten my swing and whilst this helps the dreaded right arm chicken wing keeps creeping back. Any hints, tips advice greatly appreciated.

  3. Hi Gordon. Thanks for your comment. Are talking about the right arm in the backswing (flying right elbow)? What are the issues with your ball flight and how is this affecting it?

  4. Ball flight is inconsistent. I also have a tendency to hit out to in. The right elbow points behind me, instead on straight down, and I believe that this causes my problems. I also hit down on the ball too much – is this connected?

  5. My Problem is the left elbow bends backward into my left side after impact, but not outside or disconnected from my left side as shown in the above video.. But when i look at the stills of my swing it looks like chicken wing? Any idea what fault is it.

  6. +Meandmygolf
    ย I think I may have a bit of this issue as well, but I'm not exactly sure. What I mean is, I feel like my arm is staying connected "through impact", and it's "after impact" that my elbow breaks that straight position. This is fine right?

    So in other words: If your lead elbow breaks "before" impact it's a chicken wing. But if it breaks "after" impact that's just a normal swing right?

  7. exactly my issue ! A strong grip that can cause a hook, I obviously chicken wing to assist club face.
    Also, my new driver has a closed face at address which I feel makes it worse.

  8. Seems to me the cause lies in not rotating the left shoulder in the downswing up and around. At impact the left shoulder should be aligned with the golf ball then it moves up and around as the club passes impact to follow through with both arms extended. If you stop rotating the left shoulder at impact you will chicken wing by default. If the left shoulder continues to orate up and around the lead arm will say attached to the body rotating. No need for a silly thing under the arm pit.