Stop Your Early Release Drill

Stop your early release drill with Meandmygolf PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman.

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  1. I have the opposite problem, my release is too late which ends up with thin shots, left to right shots. No one seems to talk about this as its probably an issue for the player not the hacker.

  2. Are you guys serious? People swing heavier clubs in order to delay the release. The issue is not completing the backswing, y'all completely ignored that fact.

  3. Hi I am told I roll the clubface inside on my takeaway thus leading to all sorts of plane and swing problem's would this drill be of any help to me? as I have been doing this for a long time apparently. Any suggestions?

  4. That may have been the most comprehensive explanation of the early release I've seen yet….Thanks guys, I'll try the drills….

  5. Another great video! Started watching 6 weeks ago and learned so much! I have completely changed my everything about my game. Drove it 340, lost 0 balls and had a chip in today! I owe it to me and my golf! Excited to see what this drill shows me. #ignoranceisnotbliss

  6. This is all wrong, you can release the club as early as you like, people just don't have a sync up golf swing and they don't know how to release

  7. Great idea guys. I've had an operation on my right hand and forearm and I suspect it's letting me down. Brilliant insight to my problem. Thanks Gents.

  8. Nonsense. The club releases early for one reason only… the arms stop accelerating too early. It's simple physics. Artificially using wrist strength to hold lag or hitting down on the ball will only exacerbate the problem.

  9. This is one of my faults so I'll practice the two club drill. However, my practice swing even at full speed shows I retain the lag with my hands in front of my right thigh repeating it over and over. The moment I put a ball down I release early as though my brain overrules what I am intending to do.

  10. I've been working on lag and ball striking with my irons all year. I strike the ball pretty well and long, but quite high. I noticed in selfie videos that I had an early release before impact, compared to the pros. The club started to release before my hands got to my back hip instead of after passing my back hip. This drill immediately exposed my right hand as the culprit. It was a strange feeling to hold the angle and was hard work for my right forearm, but I quickly heard and felt an increase in club head speed. I am excited to put this drill into practice, thanks!!!

  11. Different clothes! Gasp, shock, horror!!! Nice drill though. Will help me with my fat shots, I think.

  12. To delay the release, the wrists must be relaxed at the top of the downswing so the rest of the body can get ahead of them, thus leaving them hinged back. Then centrifugal force will unhinge them on the at the bottom where the velocity is greatest. This is difficult to master because we tense the wrists on way up to hinge them. But there is that moment at top where we must relax them.