Mark Crossfield changes banks while at the same time talks about moving a golfers swing path with this easy to follow golf tips, golf drill and golf instructional video. Play your best golf with simple and easy to use golf swing ideas from professional Mark Crossfield.

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  1. By "temporary greens," if you mean an area in the fairway mowed lower than usual to stand in for the real greens being "closed off," absolutely NOT!!! Sometimes during the year one or two greens may be undergoing maintenance, and those holes may have temp greens, though. At the muni course in New York City, over the winter the courses cut two holes, and use those for the entire winter. When a group is finished holing out, they replace the flag in the other hole than the one they played to. In this way there is a bit of "rotation."

  2. Temporary greens aren’t to common here in the states, generally only when the original green is under construction. But when we do have it or even if the greens are really bumpy from being punched, we give all puts within 3 ft.

  3. Any advice for myself getting my first club membership this year? Ive never played competitively but looking forward to feeling a little under pressure πŸ™‚ btw I play baseball grip and couldn't think of anything worse than changing my grip πŸ˜‚

  4. Putting scene "not staged in any way." I'm submitting it to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences. It just might make it under the wire for consideration for a "Best Foreign Film" Oscar. πŸ˜‰

  5. Had the misfortune to turn up at a Local Course First Tee was off a Mat did not think much of it as there was no signs, got a little peeved when arrived at 3rd Tee still on Mats to find sign saying please note Temp Green 100 yards in Played front 9 all Mats 2 Temp Greens went to Club shop and asked what was going on got told "oh as soon as clocks go back we put Mats out" Did not play back 9 never been back πŸ™‚

  6. gota play temps the season is to short in Alaska so we play anytime the club is open ( to include teeing off at 0100 am gota love 24 hours of sun Brah )

  7. Tend to play the course and play into the greens but then pointless trying to putt out… Winter golf… Love it or hate it but still feel the need to get out and play and not just hit balls on the range…..

  8. If I find time to play, I will play even if the greens are temp and an absolute mud bath. In Feb this year, I played a round in awful conditions, it was snowing at some points, but I kept playing. There was a par 3 to a temp green, no idea of the yardage, hit it to about 20ft, more lucky guess than anything. I then hit probably the best putt of the day, heading straight for the centre of the cup, hit a bobble in the ground and missed. While it cost me a shot, I was so pleased with the putt it spurred me to finnish par, birdie par, for a personal record on the course. I had a great time in the most challenging of conditions and loved every minute of it.

  9. I've seen two temporary greens down here in Southern California (due to work on the greens) and it was really weird/difficult for me to judge the putts and lines. If I was in the UK I would really struggle to deal with that in the winter months. Good on you guys who keep getting out there and playing. Keep up the great content Mark!

  10. Top stuff mark 😊im with hsbc but went else where for a mortgage dithered to much lol balls to em but there ok most of time 😊

  11. Good, changing to a bank with an actual name can only be a good thing. Hope they gave you a toaster, or something for joining. ;>) Whilst I hate temp greens, nothing can turn me off from playing–beats the driving range for me. Great fireplace. Always go with Orla; she's usually correct. ;>) Thanks for another smile.

  12. i would still play but probably wouldn't bother putting – and would be more for practice of long game and getting around course etc

  13. Would always play, even on temps. Got to get out in the fresh air and keep my swing going. Can't stand doing it on the range, too cold, must keep moving

  14. Yes my course puts out the odd winter green. We count two putts maxi and anything within a putter grips length is a gimme. Played on Tuesday and had 2 winter greens – wet rather than frozen. Normandy rules

  15. Not a fan of temp greens but even those don’t stop me playing in the winter. Always learn something regarding my swing. Great vlog with cheesy family putt out game, my twin girls decided to use their hands as a gate before putting.

  16. We have temp greens sometimes here in Florida, sometimes , haha. I dont take them too serious when they are in play. Usually the greens are pretty dang good. Hit Em Good !

  17. Wouldn't pay a full green fee for temps that's for sure. The large bucket sized cups for me are easier, just putt the ball hard straight at the cup and it'll normally drop so my scores are often lower than on normal greens. Gives a golfer a false idea of how good their game is I spose.