Strike 3 Wood Better From The Ground Golf Swing Tip

Improve your 3 wood striking from the ground by changing ball position and angle of attack.

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  1. Michael, once again you have produced a video that's both illuminating and thought provoking. Once upon a time I was a low handicap with a high swing speed. I'm a yank but lived for 14 years in North Yorkshire and played many links rounds; I carried a 13 degree 3 wood and, in windy conditions, played it well back and was still able to get good carry and tons of roll. Now at 69 I set my 3 wood at 14 degree and play it forward; I think because I do play it forward that maybe that is why my distance has dropped off substantially in the last 5 years. I am going to experiment with a further back ball position and a weaker loft. I have a JPX 900, 15 degree +/-2 with the weight all the way back. I think I will start at 16 degrees and then tweak the weight position. I have access to a studio with launch monitors; I will let you know my results. Thanks for the further education.

  2. Glad to see this video. When I play the ball forward, off my left heel, as you do at first, I hit topped shots and low slices. This is probably due to me not being able to get the weight sufficiently over my lead foot in time for the strike. When I play the ball off of my "shirt logo" as you later due, I make much better contact.

  3. Great points, Mike, that would benefit most golfers. I think it was GolfTec here in the states that presented data showing the average golfer hits 4-wood farther than 3-wood because, as you said, the extra loft keeps the ball in the air longer, as well as making it easier to launch the ball.