Strike like a tour pros golf swing

Control low point, leg work and compress the ball with one easy to follow video.Good luck! Leave comments below.
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  1. Steve , great video As Always, but as there is very little new in golf I'll share a wee moment.
    Was in St Andrews , Jan 2016 and met an old guy (82) Hcap 2.7 in Auchterlonies he worked there part time ! After a bit of swing analysis chat he asked me directly " whit exactly ur ye tryin tae do son ( I'm 60 !! ) ? ". … Hit the back of the ball was my weak reply. "Naw, naw naw " he says shaking his head, ye need to hit twa inches aheed o'the ba, twa inches!., "
    Hcap went from 6.9 to 4.5, so I guess my low point is now 2.5 inches in front.
    He also "telt" me to look at the hole when practice swinging a putter for distance feel.

    All good stuff, as is your work, the vids are brilliant. Energetic, informative , concise. The biz.

  2. First off: yes I am a subscriber. I really like every video of yours I have seen. I look forward to catching up on the older ones. Your personality sure doesn’t hurt the cause either. Thanks!