Strike the golf ball first then the ground with this drill

Strike the golf ball first before the ground much more often with this drill. Here’s a straightforward, effective golf tip to help you stop hitting the ground before the golf ball when you hit golf shots. There’s no need to keep struggling with your golf swing, this will help you to learn to rotate, rather than lean away from the target during your golf swing, resulting in cleaner struck golf shots, where you strike the golf ball before the ground.

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  1. at the 0:41 mark, is that dreaded non wrist turn over look, that causes that flare right, weak shot even if you get good contact. (naddy addy, can we get some right wrist turn over drills😋) … Ooo 1:17 the dreaded casting that can throw you awfully to the right, and might even top the ball.

    geezzzzus, there is so Much awfulness caused by that right side, (dam that driver and all the load up right mantra that was taught, that jacked us up) 😠

  2. do tell me about that overlapping grip you have, trying to work it, feels weaker than my interlocking grip, is that how it is, and what can I do to really groove it.