Strike Your Irons Pure Every Time

Strike your irons pure every time with Meandmygolf PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman

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  1. I started playing golf (outside of putt putt and the driving range off and on) just this summer at 35 years old and had some natural talent but ZERO consistency and real understanding of what I was doing. After playing about 5 courses I watched a few hours of your videos about posture, perfect grip and then getting my setup right each and every time. The next day I went out and shot the best game ever that was 15 strokes less than the round before. Yesterday, I hit the best round yet and had consistent experiences at every hole. I cannot tell you guys how thankful I am for these videos and your teaching style. I set up my shots with confidence now. I wish I had started golfing in High School. I have a new passion and favorite sport that can only be understood once it's grabbed ahold of you!. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

  2. The easiest trick to not look up is to tie fishing line around your nose and then a fish hook on the other end around your groin… any male will stop looking up pretty quickly

  3. I lift my head I top it. I keep my head down I hit it solid. Enough said! that is why after every shot the pros are still looking at the spot where the ball was after they make contact.

  4. I've never hit a Pure shot in my life, because i've never taken a normal swing with my nine iron , and made it go 120 yards. Even these guys won't teach you how to hit Pure. It is something your born with , and it is not taught. Trust me when I say this; your potential to play pure golf was gone, when you decided to be a normal 6 year old, instead of taking golf lessons. Ask any Pro golfer why they are so good, and they will take one look at you, and be like your crazy; because it's something they were born into. It's as if the choice to play golf when your 6 doesn't even exist, but for some it does. If this doesn't compel you to stop wasting your money, I don't know what will.

  5. Everytime I hit the ball, it tends to go fly to the right of the range. Why is it so? Need help and some guidance. Thanks. ADRIAN

  6. this really helps .. i do this with chips in my front yard .. ive been striking much better

  7. Used to play four or five times a year, but now getting more serious about playing. Found you guys and, as you say in Britain, you're brilliant! Thanks, guys!