Strike your irons pure part 1. This is the first part in our 4 part video series on how to strike your irons pure. Me and My Golf PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman take you through step by step to help you identify your swing faults and show you some of their best drills that will have you striking the golf ball better than ever.

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  1. Brand new golfer here with a question about irons. Obviously everyone is a little different, can anyone tell me how to determine which iron to use based on distance?

  2. Hey Guys great video should I worry about not taking divots with my irons? I am hitting them good and fairly constant and good yardage but no divots. PW -120-130, 8 iron 160-170

  3. A long time ago I had a coach say to swing like you're trying to bury the golf ball into the ground 4 inches in front of where it is it, which is how he explained to a kid to hit down on the golf ball. That helped me not "help" it up into the air, because that's what the loft on the club is for and it did the trick, and that's still how I think of it.

  4. I perfected my skiing (well, fer ME anywhooo LOL) by watching a Brit on YT and then subscribing to his site. YOU GUYZZZ… whoa…. I'm heading out to the range now, and will come back to your website. As you'd say on your side of the pond: 'Brilliant!'

  5. Ever notice how many golf instructional videos on youtube are by British guys? Geez, must be more than coincidence.

  6. Great lesson guys. And it makes a refreshing change to listen to our British accent. I like white line and the strike tape test. Thank you both.

  7. Thanks for the videos. Beginner here I've played one round of 18. And been having a blast going to Driving Range. You channel has helped a lot every time I go out to range its been getting better and better. Other than the Driver and the 3 iron can't hit those clubs I guess just have to keep working at it.