STUDENT QUESTION – Effortless Power in the Golf Swing EXPLAINED!

Your best shots in golf feel effortless and powerful…in this video, I explain to you why that occurs.
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  1. Wasn't hard for me to change at all, because according to the 4 stages of learning as stated on the JVGA, I was stuck on stage 1 (unconscious incompetence) therefore it's no different than telling your 5 year old son " let's shoot a game of pool"…He's quick to grab the pool cue and bang balls on the table, but ultimately he has no idea that he does not know what he is doing.

    Thanks to Jim, I've found something that no other golf instruction on YouTube could have helped me with. An almost instant in to out swing. From 170 yards in I am beyond confident, after 2 weeks of joining the online academy. I'm consistently dropping 10' putts, my chipping accuracy has improved tremendously. My long irons and driver are a work in progress. I cannot thank Jim enough. I've stopped browsing other YouTube channels all together with traditional golf instruction since finding the JVGA.