Swing Extender

Swing Extender Golf Swing Trainer. The Swing Extender prohibits collapsing of the arms while encouraging a better shoulder turn. It’s the hardest move to master and feels completely unnatural to most amateurs, but once it’s learned, the rewards are most satisfying. Increased distance, accuracy and lower scores are a direct result of the maximum clubhead acceleration you create with your wider arc and fully extended arms. The instant you strap it on your arm and take a swing, you’ll hit the golf ball longer, straighter and with more control. That’s because the Swing Extender creates the proper extension of your arms during the backswing by preventing the arms from overfolding and then promotes the correct release of the arms and hands during the downswing. This 90 degree “power angle” formed at the top of your backswing allows you to create a wider swing arc by keeping your left arm straight (right arm for left-handers). The Swing Extender instantly corrects the most common flaw in golf.

Product Features

  • Helps to extend your arms throughout your swing creating a wider arc
  • It establishes a perfect position at the top of your back-swing
  • Fits golfers of all sizes either right or left handed and even juniors
  • Used by many of the country’s leading golf instructors and touring professionals
  • This is the newest hot product in golf because it is so easy to use

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  1. Almost perfect, but… This is a good tool to let me know when my backswing is well below the proper swing plane, that my swing is too flat. When my swing is too flat, this device makes it difficult to fold my lower arm against the upper arm. Then I know that the backswing is too flat. When that happens, it ‘s time to abandon that backswing and start the entire swing over instead of trying to continue into the downswing and try to recover from a poor position. There are 2 reasons why I didn’t give this 5 stars…

  2. Simply Powerful I dislocated my left elbow about thirty years ago, and have assumed ever since that I would not be able to maintain a straight left arm in my golf swing. This device challenges that assumption. The Swing Extender is very elegant in its simplicity: one triangular shaped piece of plastic, and a velcro strap. Position it in the bend of your right arm, and it forces you to exteeeeeeend your left arm much more than usual. I’ve used it now for a couple of days, and am needing some recovery time from…