Ben Hogan’s golf swing is synonymous with consistency and power and has been imitated by many golfers over the years. One of the key moves in his swing is the way his club goes left after impact. In this video Dan explains how Hogan did this and how you can apply the move to your game.

If you’re interested in learning more about the modern rotational swing… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCrLL…

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  1. I had/have this naturally in swing and I too never saw the ball go left. I couldn't swing hard and square the face and not cut across it – my good shots started straight and turned right, my bad shots started right and turn even farther right. I have to focus on chasing it down the line and rolling the wrists to hit anything longer than a 7 iron or I'll push slice it OB

  2. This is actually a Hockey Stick move. I wish Dan would just call it what it is. He sometime before demonstrated this move with a Hockey Stick!! Its a baseball swing and a Hockey swing all in one. Easy for all to understand. Lol

  3. Golf is so Hard.. I think I've cracked it, then bang it's gone again, and can't work out what I did right. It's like groundhog day lol.

  4. Dan, you always seem to put out videos that are relevant to what I'm working on right as I need them. So, thanks for that.

  5. Dan, how do you open your hips trough impact? is it the right hip that comes forward in the swing or is the left that takes the weight when you swing and the right hips follows?? great videos, keep the drills coming so we can improve grts michael

  6. If I didn't have torn tendon in my right elbow and a torn ligament in the left, I'd be outside working on this NOW!!! ????

  7. How complicated does the swing need to be? I enjoy Dan's videos but this was painful – the swing completes quickly – trying to achieve these positions is nigh on impossible. The number of adjustments required would play havoc with sequencing for even an accomplished player.

    Swinging left consistently has led me to stop releasing properly!

  8. Everybody thinks they are Ben Hogan. You are not Hogan. I am not Hogan. Hogan swung like Hogan because he was Hogan. Now put a fork in it already.

  9. Great as always Dan, can you do a video/lesson of how to stay in front bend longer in the swing to stop standing up. cheers mate