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  1. Loving the daily vlogs. Production is amazing, and always funny. Needs a little more hungover lockey though.

  2. Gear effect is to do with the shape of the driver face. It is not flat like an iron, it is curved. This is so that an off centre strike will start with a 'correcting' spin axis that is different to the spin axis of a centre strike. This 'correcting spin axis' will curve the ball flight so that the ball curves back towards target.
    This is what I recall from a video you did about a year ago. Am I close???

  3. When you don't hit the ball out of the sweet spot or CoG/CoM (all clubs, not just driver) the face twists which changes the spin and flight of the ball. This is why a toe strike can produce a draw and a heel strike gives you that "heely cut" they talk about on the TV commentary. The best "visual" for me here is a car driving into a lamppost. Car hits lamppost bang centre car stays straight. Car hit lamppost nearer headlight it spins off violently to one side.

  4. "gear effect"
    it is the response you get from your mates when you wear something they find funny or humerus eg: coaches purple boosts ???? #clownboots "GEAR EFFECT"

  5. gear effects means that the ball gets 'side effect' in the opposite direction the club head is rotating due to an off center hit. For example, if you hit the ball at the toe the club head will rotate clockwise (as seen from the grip), the ball will get the opposite rotation (I.e. counter clockwise) and will therefore spin more to the left. That being said, side effect doesn't exist. It is just that the rotational axis of the ball is oriented such that the ball spin toward a side. there is only one axis of rotation. For convenience people talk about side spin, as did I in this explanation.

  6. Gear effect , on off centre strikes the spin axis of the ball is tilted toward the sweet spot of the club.

  7. Gear effect: The spin imparted on the golf ball by miss centered strikes. If the clubhead strikes the ball away from the center of the face it causes the clubhead to rotate around the ball, some of this rotational movement is then transferred into the ball causing it to spin. A strike from the toe will make the ball spin anti-clockwise causing it travel to the left, and a strike from the heel will cause the ball to spin clockwise making it travel to the right.
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