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Swing the golf club more around your body
This weeks swing analysis shows how by swinging the golf club more around your body will help hit the golf ball more out of the centre of the club face


COMMENT below to let us know what you need help with, or what type of video you’d like to see next!

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Blaine o hare says:

swing analysis

Jim Schram says:

Were you guys at the Open just watching?


i'm right handed but play left handed and fell that i'm pulling the club rather than pushing it thru the ball. any suggestions or drills ?

Samu Lattu says:

Would like a swing analysis. Strugling off the tee at the moment a bit ????.

Gordon's Workshop says:

would love a swing analysis. struggling with second shots not getting up high enough.

Chad Childers says:

Would love for you guys to help me. I've been playing for about twenty years now self taught no lessons I would say I'm a bogie golfer. But I'm not consistent would like to shoot mid 80s any help would be great thanks.

Jamie Floyd says:

Great tip I think that will really help me

Steve Olander says:

Let's see, what could I say to make the difference on why you would choose my swing to analyze. How about it's Justin Rose perfect and I double dog dare you to find a fault. I'm sorry, did I say Justin Rose, I meant Justin Bieber.

Daniel Batten says:

I would love a swing analysis, I really struggle with tempo and rhythm in my swing. As a result I am taking divots which are rather large and losing a lot of distance.

mochzac says:

Great video! What don't I need help with. LOL. I'm a beginning golfer and just trying to get the basics down. Would love to have a swing analysis done.

TJ Bise says:

Love to have you guys do a swing analysis on my swing! Never had a lesson or anything and am a single digit handicapper so I'd find it very insightful and fun to see what you guys think! Good stuff as always guys!

lakailb87 says:

I really need one! Working in golf a lot this summer but still very inconsistent about 20 handicap

michael young says:

I could really use some help getting my body more involved in the swing to increase distance. I note that with the one handed drill your right elbow was really flying high.

Dustin Di Iulio says:

Could you do a tutorial on how to maintain an anchored leg? without turning your foot on the follow through?

Ahillbillyredneck says:

I could really use the swing analysis because I'm a beginner golfer in a limited area for coaching. I have some playing partners who try to help but they have the old "you took your eyes off the ball" lol. I can hit my driver really well. my iron shots off the tee are good. however I can't figure out what I need to be doing with the irons and fairway woods off the ground. thanks for your consideration! p.s. I also emailed you guys about this last week or so. take care!!

Preston Parrish says:

another good video guys! Let me know if you want an ex-baseball player swing to analyze!

Tony Westwell says:

Battling an occasional massive slice. Not fun on a tight course.

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