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This weeks swing analysis give a simple drill to help with the takeaway and shows how swinging the club slower can help you hit the ball further and straighter


COMMENT below to let us know what you need help with, or what type of video you’d like to see next!

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Christopher Springer says:

Hey guys! Thanks for the great content as always. I could really use that swing analysis. I've been shooting in the mid 80's this year. Most of my struggles are with heel shots off the tee. I also don't have the distance I would like even when I hit the ball in the middle of the club face. I've tried going through a lot of your videos and matching them up to my swing faults but I haven't had a lot of luck making corrections. Two major faults I've identified are getting disconnected during the early parts of the backswing and the swing plane being very flat overall. Getting your input would be awesome…and maybe…just maybe get those scores down in the 70's by next year.

Sam Whitehead says:

I need a swing analysis so I don't spend so much money on balls!

Tommy Gallagher says:

im a 14 year old and ive entered a competition for next month and need help with my swing. I have never gotten lessons before

Samuelsto N says:

I slice it from time to time, don't understand what I'm doing wrong. That's why I could do with a swing analysis

Alex Nelson says:

Need help drawing the driver. I hit draws with all irons, 5w and 3w's, but with the driver it is a push slice. Please help!!'

Graeme Cuthbertson says:

Keep slicing driver and irons a lot and shots seem to be going all over place losing balls most rounds and when I get them bad positions so need to hit out so would help my game a lot love the vids help a lot

Graeme Cuthbertson says:

Keep slicing driver and irons a lot and shots seem to be going all over place losing balls most rounds and when I get them bad positions so need to hit out so would help my game a lot love the vids help a lot thanks

Durbanboy UK says:

I know this….it's just believing….so weird to do…but it works…. The game is "between the ears"…. I need hypnosis ????

plog1805 says:

They certainly picked a guy who really needs a swing analysis, wow! Talk about trying to swing as hard as humanly possible. That idea will never work in golf. Don't watch the long drive competitions if you want to be good at golf.

Michael Ross says:

Would love swing analysis. Set target 2 and half years ago to make it to single figures by end of 2017. Started at 18 and now 10.8. Swing analysis would help to complete target as golf has stalled a little recently with decreased confidence and less practice time as result of getting married. Mike

Peter Noles48 says:

Im trying to make my high school golf team but the few things I need to improve is :
1) on course maintenance
2 more yardage with drives and short irons
3) getting different yardages for certain clubs because some goes the same distances

l HF says:

Tried to enter the swing analysis a few times, i love your videos and have binge watched them to try and fix my game, it has helped some aspects but no matter what i try i cant find a consistency in my swing. i have a handicap of 5 but Im unsure as to whether im hinging too much, im not rotating enough or my swing plane isnt accurate enough. Would love for you guys to help me correct it and try and reach scratch.

Sung Hag Ahn says:

I need a swing analysis! It seems no coach can fix my problem. If anyone can, I think it'll be you guys.

My club face is shut at the top but I have a flat wrist. So, I've been trying to change to a neutral grip (which to me feels like an absolutely weak grip!) But now, I am slicing the ball like no other. Seem to be on plane at the parallel points. Do I need to release, roll, or flip the wrist to get it to draw?? Help needed in Korea!

Mathew Boboros says:

Would appreciate a swing analysis . Started playing this year shooting in the 90s would love tips to help become more consistent with my swing

2thepostman says:

Need a swing analysis because I had elbow surgery about a year ago and I was playing well but I think from trying to jump back in to the game too quick I developed some bad habits with early release, not enough lag, and the occasional slice

John Dunbar says:

I need a swing analysis because my huge penis is always getting in the way.

John Dunbar says:

That guy on swing analysis doesn't hit it out of his shadow.

Joelle Shin says:

I want a swing analysis!

Luke Gossert says:

Hey guys, I am a 1 hcp junior golfer trying to play d1 college golf, a lot of your videos apply directly to my game and I'm really enjoying them, keep it up!

Lukebazouie says:

That 75% shot looked like it was pulled into the tree…

Gus Senn says:

When I make “solid” contact it always dives to the right during my drives. I feel unbalanced when I hit my drives

David Fitzgerald says:

I've been working hard, watching videos and read a book, but I'm still finding consistency. When I miss bad, I slice way right (irons are always pushes). But I would say most of my misses are now left. My carry maxes out around 250. Really I just want to drive it like Rory. Might need some help getting there haha

ReneFloresVlogs says:

I need a swing analysis because i feel like i’m lacking distance and consistency

Mike Nafziger says:

Would really love to have a swing analysis, I can hit my drives 200-225 if I hit it straight, but most of my drives go 150-175 and end up waaay left (I am a lefty), some help would be appreciated!! Love the videos

Expuhlse says:

Looks like Andy needs an outfit analysis with those tight pants, doesn't look very comfortable. But to each their own

Jake Smith says:

Because I should be shooting Even or under but I can't get better than 3 over. Long game

sam cresswell says:

I hit the ball pretty good and quite solid but make too many mistakes with the long game

Farooq Sayed says:

I need a swing analysis because I am a 7HCP but only hit the ball about 235-240 yards of the tee and feel I have quite a poor swing which I feel is costing me distance, so am constantly relying on woods or long irons to reach greens so then as a result do not his as many and then bank heavily on short game.

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