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Learn how to make a proper turn in your golf swing while maintaining the tilt in your spine angle – the key to hitting consistent and long golf shots!


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  1. Sometimes my mistakes are pathways to greater understanding. I'm standing on the 4th tee, even par, I wanted to mash the driver like on the previous hole, but I ended up hitting a huge push to the right. I felt the wrists lock up at impact and I knew immediately that the ball was way right. I remembered your mantra. Let the weight of the club head release me towards the target. That phrase really captures the essence of effortless power. The next drive was mashed 293. Just in the right rough or it may have gone another 20 yards or so. It felt like nothing. All I did was not interfere with momentum and gravity. I was also able to hit a few nice power fades with this thought in mind. The distance I was getting was really good (275-295). Completely useful that.

  2. great to relate golf swing to everday actiction
    you are the best
    i used to read a lot of david lee gravity golf

    as i recall he used a "heave takeaway"
    do you have a little gravity golf in your teachings

  3. voila un exercice qui me parle beaucoup!!!
    ravis de t avoir rencontrer a montgriffon
    le succes est inevitable avec wisdomingolf

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