Here I talk about Arnold’s advice to swing your swing. What if your golf swing sucks?

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  1. I think you should definitely swing your swing. Even if your a natural it’s obvious you will still have problems with your swing in certain ways. I think your missing the point about what those guys were saying to you. The fact is a lot of people try and mimic their favorite golfer which can be very problematic. We are all built differently in terms of leg length forearm length wingspan height etc this dramatically changes how you should swing. For a while I tried to copy players like tiger in their backswing but for me with long arms in comparison to my body my hands needed to be much higher like a Justin Thomas. This is one example of fighting your natural swing for looks and aesthetic instead of what’s natural to you and your body. I know this was a lot lol

  2. If you changed the thumbnail to the sunglasses girl this might have been your most viewed video