Take swing changes ONTO THE GOLF COURSE!

How to take swing changes ONTO THE GOLF COURSE! In this Swing Quest video we look at Martin and the how we are working on using his range swing (lesson swing) on the course more effectively.

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  1. Love this. I see you doing this same stuff in your pre shot routine. I have a question though. Do you feel practicing on mats can be detrimental?

  2. really good video god wish i could play along side you and get some advice think it would help me with my swing it is inconsistent

  3. Fantastic advice Pete! and kudos to Martin 👍 I really ought to get my act together and get down to the quest academy! Great video and content as always 😊

  4. Good point. I think about far to many things on course to the point where I can’t focus. Made a swing change mid-round today which was not the best move.

  5. Excellent. I remind everyone that practice mats are too perfect and far from the lies you get on the course. Also try to change the target and shot type every 3 to 5 shots. Try to change clubs too. If the mat has lines, try to choose target lines that are different from those on the mat: you'll learn about how you react to the contradictions beetween those lines and your target line. Try high, low, fade, draw, punch. Add as many variations as possible. Because you need those to compensate for the lack of inequal lies, bad balance and the likes. And I love on course lessons too 👍

  6. This vlog has been needed for YEARS! Great piece mate!
    It's always something I've struggled with, especially the amount you've seen me on the range down the years.
    You was bang on correct with the two differences between range and course.
    Top man 👍

  7. hi Peter great video..When people say a golfer hits it to hard or too soft ..i can never understand whats a swing thats too fast or to slow ..whats the correct swing speed for any one golfer? As a golfer i can hit my 7 iron for example 140-175 with different tempos and rhythm or i can hit my driver 200yards or full out 280yards..Any suggestions!

  8. Why can I hit my hybrid 4 off the fairway true & accurate but for the life of me I can’t do it off the tee using my driver? You would think it would be the opposite way round 🤔

  9. Thanks for the Vid Pete and for reminding us the difference between "feel and real". Breaking a swing/alignment tendency can be so HARD. I have the opposite issue with alignment than Martin, I find it impossible to aim Right of target (my brain just will not let me do it)!
    It was also interesting to see Martin losing his balance in his follow through and falling backwards. Have you had him stand on a Force plate? It looks as though he may have too much weight on his heels, which is causing him to fall backwards after the shot.

  10. Great video Pete, any tips on sorting out your aim? I constantly struggle with this, I use alignment sticks in practice but still end up aiming right on the course! Thanks

  11. First vlog in a long time on your channel that taught me something. Enjoyed this one mate. Enjoy all the others as well, but really can walk away with food for thought here. Thanks

  12. Love this video one thing ive struggled with from the start is taking changes from the safety of the range then reverting on the course even though i my mind im thinking im doing everything ive been taught. And thankyou again for putting content like this out for free to help so many of us much appreciated more than you could know!!

  13. Great vid Peter, that´s me nice shots on the driving range, bad shots on course. Thaks

  14. Absolutely spot on !!! Great video and infinitely relatable to 👍🏌️⛳️ Definitely something I may need to look at with you at some point soon Pete !

  15. Nice Vid Pete. I like the idea of not noticing you're practicing your mistakes as far as direction possibly because of the square mats. I have to admit after warming up before a round I do push the ball for the first 3/4 holes. I'll pay attention to that bit …. Thanks Dude👌