So after a bust Christmas break here are some facts around the amazing choice by Taylormade to NOT send equipment to mark Crossfield for review. Hear what he makes of it and how it is a huge shame for golfers looking for info about golf clubs that has a clear customer driven message. The M3 and M4 drivers from TaylorMade will get tested by Mark but with zero help from taylorMade golf. Same issue with M1 M2 drivers last year.

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  1. Mark, initially, I disliked this video because it sounded like you were more whining about it. I continued to listen and I regret my initial thoughts. I LOVE how you point out that taylormade contradicts their own position with paid sponsors. I have not been a taylormade fan for several years due to the marketing of their company and lack of actual improvements to their products.

    They continually come out with the latest greatest thing but there's a problem… My r7 from 10 years ago hits drives just as well as the many other drivers I've hit. The only major difference to me is sound and feel of various clubs. To date, my favorite drivers have been Mizunos and they aren't even known for their drivers much.

    I think they realize that their products aren't really much better, if at all, than anything titleist, mizuno, and many others have and it scares them for their future. Keep up the great work and to hell with them and their nonsense.

  2. Good for you Mark choosing the company that pays you for basically product placing their products while having an unbiased opinion while testing others too. Respect for Titliest for not turning you into MEANDMYGOLF. Not knocking Andy and Peirs but after listening to the wording of the emails you get from Taylormade its no surprise they don't product test as they clearly aren't allowed which is a shame. Watched your videos from you 1st starting out and know you started doing this for free. You create great content and have gained a great fanbase and if you grab any opportunities to continue to provide great content while earning a living from us watching then good for you. You've said you'd even buy Taylormade product to be able to test thier product against all others in the golf world which i kinda expected you'd do as you are true to your word and will always provide us all with unbiased content and Taylormade should respect you and your 230,000+ subscribers for that

  3. If you want to review them that much go and buy them with all the money your taking from YouTube and Titleist, UA and YGT. Invest in your business rather than expecting everything for free.
    Surely your argument has no rationale whatsoever, as the day you signed to be on Titleist pay-role you became a competitor to all rival OEM’s?

  4. I have played Titleist AP1 irons for the past 5 years. However, I received a set of Mizuno irons for Christmas from my son, who loves and plays TaylorMade. So While I still have great respect for Titleist, and played Mizuno irons two times in the past (MX-20 and MP-32) I’ve only played one driver (R-7) from TaylorMade. And my current driver, 3, 5 and hybrids are all Pings.
    I say this so you understand that I am not a blind believer one brand. Over the years I have come to respect your opinions and believe you provide a wonderful service for all amateur golfers?

  5. Well said Mark reviews should be fair not one sided. For the average mortal the equipment purchases are vital because they are expensive so keep up the good work honest reviews for the love of the game and ultimately the progression of the sport I love. ⛳️🏌️‍♂️

  6. Very personal and frank vlog there Mark. Really like what you had to say 👍 Good on you 👍

  7. mark just keep doing what you do best that is review,do vlogs and enjoy golf.great opinion all the time

  8. I agree mark I have always thought why would I listen to taylormade tour pros when they are getting payed millions of dollars. I have always tried to listen to the YouTubers who you know are unbiased(like you). It’s just incredible what they claim about their products and what they did to you.

  9. Great video Mark. I love these ones. That's not to say irritated Mark is funnier…..well maybe.
    I think TMs decision shows how much they under value modern digital media. My understanding is that TM are currently owned by an asset management firm, whom will undoubtedly not want to step out of there box to much and potentially damage the brand. That is to say that they do not wish there tag lines and marketing slogans to to tested that thoroughly.
    I'm sure on a computer arm their clubs might prove the slogans, well I'd hope so. But can every amateur feel these benefits, probably not.
    Keep up the great reviews of clubs, balls and companies lol

  10. Does anyone else find it absolutely hilarious that they are selling TaylorMade drivers below this video?? Lmao 😂

  11. I feel your frustration in dealing with Taylormade bra, Personally I don't trust any of the Tour pros when I see their endorsements of golf equipment, because I know they are get lots of money to say it. The only thing I do look at is that if they're using it, it must be worth me trying it.
    I remember when Rory used Titleist, he said in marketing release these clubs & ball worked best with his game & low & behold he said exactly the same when he switched to Nike & now he's saying it about Taylormade & funny thing they all paid him massive amounts of money say it.
    I have more respect for somebody like Tommy Fleetwood who continued to use Nike golf equipment even after the company stopped manufacturing, which is proof enough that this stuff was good.

  12. Totally agree Mark absolutely stupid and childish. They should be ashamed of their display putting a bad mark on the industry. Youtube golfers could be a massive part of the industry and to give a high subscribed one the cold shoulder is ridiculous and backward thinking.

  13. Mark seems really angry but honest. TM should not have problem with Mark's bag deal with Titliest.

  14. Would I trust a tech review site that is exclusively running advertising from Samsung? Probably not.

  15. Seems to me that they're relying on the name/reputations of their tour players. Essentially a short sighted attitude. It would be interesting to know how many tour guys would change their clubs but retain their Spider putters – if they could opt out of a sponsorship deal, show no allegiance to any manufacturer but retain the most used club in the bag.  They are missing the fundamental point of your channel; what it offers to the consumer, or indeed, any aspiring player.

  16. Going to work on clearing the hips better without getting stuck. I’ve learned you have to sit down a bit before turning fully to clear the left side properly. Been working great! Good luck to all.

  17. Oh TM, doesn’t surprise at all. They need everyone playing their stuff or they get a little butt hurt about it. Honestly, half of their product lines seem like garbage. Ie. (jetspeed, aeroburner, R1,R15 and so on). They come out with products so often you never really know what’s going to be legit or not. Not to mention the lack of luster it is buying a product and then something newer comes out making your new purchase seem outdated already. Cannot all be such a great product if they’re constantly adding new models. Stick to one!

  18. Sponsored players are not going to say the product isn’t great. Magazine reviews I’m always dubious about. It’s tricky,